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This November sees the return of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ and erstwhile Wah Wah 45s label boss, Adam Scrimshire, with his mesmerising second album “The Hollow”.

The much anticipated follow up to 2008’s “Along Came The Devil One Night” sees Scrimshire going back to his soulful roots, but at the same time, carving a more contemporary, electronic sound. There’s also a nod to the dance floor on the new single “Home”, featuring Faye Houston of Resonators fame; the latin flavoured “Everything You Say” with Cinematic Orchetra’s Heidi Vogel on vocal duties; and the epic “Ascension” featuring label mates
 Hackney Colliery Band.

There are more mellow moments too of course – Stac provides the voice for the sublime “Alignment” and joins the man himself on the mic for “Through A
Window”; long time collaborator Inga Lill-Aker is sure to draw a tear on the stunning “Ode To Daddy”; and Scrimshire takes on the vocals once again on the melancholic opener “A Promise Is All It Was”. Add to that the dark, keyboard led trip that is “Afar” featuring Jessica Lauren and Matthew Halsall’s harpist Rachael Gladwin bringing matters to an exquisite close on the title track, and you’ve got yourself a next level piece of work from a man who’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

[quote]“A late contender for album of the year. Possibly the best album Wah Wah 45s have ever released!” Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1)[/quote]
“It was in 2008 that Scrimshire released his first full album ‘Along Came The Devil One Night’ at the time I wrote that it was a very mature sound and remember thing is this a one off, a fluke ? it does happen. Well it was definitely not a fluke, ‘The Hollow‘ proves Adam Scrimshire has a musical maturity that makes you think he has spent a life time making music. The composition are beautifully crafted and original featuring vocals from Stac, Faye Houston, Heidi Vogel and Inga Lill-Aker along with Scrimshire himself. It’s mellow in parts and exotic in others. It all gels together well. The more I hear this the more I like it – give it try you won’t regret it.”

The Culture Press review:

Radio play from Radio Z, 95.8FM, Nurenberg, Germany:

Poejazzi give Scrimshire some love…

Poejazzi Recommends: Adam Scrimshire’s ‘The Hollow’

Radio play from Phil Levene (Eclectic Jazz) and Raj Selli (Solar Radio)

“Adam’s got Game!” Andy Williams (The Goods, Montreal)

“Superb! Loving ‘Ascension’, ‘Everything You Say’, ‘Afar’ and ‘The Hollow’. Classy arrangments and orchestration make this lp one of the must have jazz cuts this autumn.” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word UK)

“I will support the album this week on my show!” Josef Sedlon (Radio1, Cz)

“Wonderful album!” Hector Pizarro (Chile Con Mix Radio Show)

“It’s lovely down at the Hollow with Adam Scrimshire. You get to listen to all sorts of beautiful and mesmerising music accompanied by some great singers and even a brass band. With this album, Scrimshire has managed to create an collection of diverse songs with a common vibe – one that is both soulful and sombre, sexy and sultry. We love the more laid back tracks such as ‘Afar’ and ‘Ode To Daddy’, as well as the big beats and soft voice (provided by long-time Meme favourite Stac) of ‘Alignment’. The more upbeat tracks, such as the single ‘Home’, are good but don’t seem to have the longevity of the others. In fact those atmospheric tracks in particular are real growers (and therefore more durable) so that each will require, and deserve, a good few listens before they really get under your skin. Throughout though, it is obvious this album was made with love and care, and you can positively sense the intensity of feeling in each of the songs. Taking a trip down to the Hollow with Scrimshire to see what we mean.” Meme Magazine

“YES! This album is something I have been waiting far too long to drop and it doesn’t let you down. The album rises in energy in the right places and pulls you in. Scrimshire showing he is continually evolving as a producer and as a musician. One of my albums of the year!” King Tee (Ireland)

“Dazzling couldn’t a better description to this release, combine that with mesmerising and the work from Adam Scrimshire and all involved is perfect!!” Georgios Paroglou, Dj (Greece)

“Stunning! Don´t know what more to say really. It`s just really, really good music. I enjoyed every minute of it, start to finish. WahWah Camp on form!” DJ Fidel (Norway)

“The album is great! It is deep and light at the same time. The vocals are awesome. The mood is melancholic and positive at the same time. Just love it. I’ll play 4 tracks of the album on November 26th at the “45 RPM” radio show.” Dobromir Marzov a.k.a Soulmate (Bulgaria)

“A fantastic and deep album.” Robert Lochmann

“The haunting string arrangements and general soundtrack vibe make for this being a very introspective release …. headphone sex … rather than speaker freaker !! ‘Everything you say’ and ‘ascension’ are fast favourites … but like i said, this album needs time to breathe after being opened …. In many regards the release is un-categorizable … so lets not try too …. I give it 3.5 out 5 and say well done Scrimshire !!!!” DJ Toon (The Vinyl Frontier, Sydney, Australia)

“I am totally impressed by the work of Scrimshire – love ALL album-tracks. In my opinion music can’t be done better. 10/10 points! Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio Z, Germany)

“Nice tunes, really, really nice, will definitely play some of it in my radio show!” Ana

“Loving the Scrimshire album!” DJ Astroboy (Samedia, Edinburgh)

“Jazz tune of the week!” Rogall (We Are On Air, Berlin, Germany)

“Perfect soundtrack for those cold autumn and winter days…excellent album !!! 8/10 !!” Markus Milz (Further in Fusion, Germany)

“All over this like a rash,great release being playing ‘Home’ on my radio show already,look forward to featuring some more trks very soon.” Paul’ABBO’Abbott

“Love it. There are a few tracks I’d love to take from it to play on the station.” Nicole Grierson (

“Scrimshire album sounding very nice! Great artwork too!!” DJ Snorre Seim (Butti 49, Norway)

“I found the album was a great listen from start to finish and I had it cranked up loud to really enjoy all the sounds. The tracks that have stuck out for me the most are the single ‘Home’ (supported the acoustic version already on my show), ‘Through a window’, ‘The Hollow’ and ‘A promise Is All It Was’. I’ll try support more of these tracks off the album on my show.” Nelson Ramalho (Power FM, Ireland)