As we set forth in 2022, and with clubs reopening and dance floors refilling across the globe, we thought it was time to revisit the album and let a selection of our favourite producers interpret it in their own way. We’ve also taken the opportunity to unleash a number of previously unreleased dubs from the LP. The remixes and dubs come together in the form of We Are Many Versions, with re-interpretations coming not only from the reggae world, with acts like General Roots, Prince Fatty and Darren Jamtone adding their own dubby DNA to the mix, but also the forward thinking worldwide electronic scene, with rising stars like Dutchie, Lawn, K3:lu, Samuel Sharp and family members Ill Considered and Wu-Lu contributing with more eclectic offerings. In addition, well respected U.S. producer Victor Rice is also on board with a number of never heard before mixes and dubs that add a distinctly tropical touch to the Soothsayers sound.