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Wah Wah 45s Founder!

The eighth edition of our Allo Love series, marking twenty years of Wah Wah 45s, comes from none other than Chris Goss, who co-founded of the label with his late brother, Simon. Since taking a step back from Wah Wah 45s and handing over the reins to long-time friend Dom Servini, alongside Adam Scrimshire, Chris has been leading Hospital Records –– the UK drum & bass phenomenon –– to worldwide fame.

But his love of jazz, hip hop, soul music remains untouched, something that comes through very clearly every time he steps up to the decks. Allo Love Vol. 8 is yet another testament to his eclectic and impeccable music taste: from Wah Wah’s very own Soothsayers, Honeyfeet, Paper Tiger and Hunrosa, to Hospital’s Degs, Etherwood, and Japanese drum & bass pioneer Makoto Shimizu, as well as Mancunian duo Children of Zeus featuring soul powerhouse Terri Walker, Jessica Lauren, The Mouse Outfit and many more.

This very special compilation is an intimate preview of Chris Goss’ extended record collection, showcasing some of his “never-leave-the-bag” records, and featuring an exclusive mix from “The Goose” himself. So who better to guide us through these tasty musical morsels and explain why these songs are so dear to him:

Eden Ladin Lonely Arcade Man

“I heard this one morning on Jazz FM, knowing nothing about Eden; and in the modern way, searched for it on Spotify, and added it to my music collection. I was so taken with the track, I looked Eden up, and found him on Facebook. He replied quickly to my message, saying he used to go to our Hospital nights at Herbal in Shoreditch, about 13 years back… small world! Great track.”

Children Of Zeus feat Terri Walker Sling Shot Riddim

“These guys had a big 2018, and rightly so. I could have selected anything from their latest album, but have always loved the voice of Terri Walker; another truly under-rated British soul sister. Konny and Tyler are a breath of fresh air, sculpting forward-thinking soul music from the streets of Manchester.”

The Mouse Outfit feat IAMDDB & Fox I Wonder

“The Mice have evolved in more ways than one in recent years. Also hailing from Manchester, this track features the outstanding IAMDDB, and inimitable Fox sharing vocal duties – a perfect melting pot of British Hip-Hop and Soul.”

Ambient Jazz Ensemble One Of The Best Days

“Tony (Coleman) and I came across Colin Baldry thanks to his alter-ego d&b remixes, one of which we licensed for our We Are 21 on Hospital two years ago. When his latest album dropped, I was blown away by this piece of music that closes the set. The Ensemble encompasses fifteen musicians with expansive production, writing and arrangements from Baldry. His C.V. is a page-turner, but the soundscapes deserve much wider attention.”

Paper Tiger feat Steve Spacek The Cycle/[Quick Wash]

“Real leftfield electronic rascals, the Tiger are always fascinating. Ready to ride any time signature or tempo switch, theirs is a songbook of continued invention and investigation. Here they feature the throwback tones of Steve Spacek, who captured soul boys’ hearts and minds with his own Spacek project twenty years ago.”

The Jettsons Present Jessica Lauren 3 The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom

“One of my only proper jobs, and one I cherished was back in ’92, when I worked part-time at the Soul Jazz record store in Soho. This was when Stuart Baker kick-started his record label, and one of the emerging stars was Jessica Lauren. She was a Monday night star for the That’s How It Is sessions down at Bar Rumba, as well as a multi-talented performer and recording artist. This lesser-known release via Goya Music back in 2000 has been a record box essential since my promo arrived… and that ten-inch vinyl is almost worn out now.”

Soothsayers Watching The Stars

“Such a real London collective – Soothsayers are an infectious live experience, and are now finally gaining the plaudits and recognition they have long deserved. So many songs to choose from, but Stars captures their South London reggae roots beautifully, with their balance of song and swing. File under must-see-live.”

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson El Nino

“A classic Servini recommendation to me, dropping last Spring, that I’ve loved since he put me onto it. Fresh and infectious Parisian Afro-pean disco soul, this duo are bringing much needed joy for EU and me.”

D.U.S A Brighter Day

“This was one of those classic independent, European future jazz things, that no-one seemed to know a great deal about, that dropped on a little French label Ssoh, in 2001. With partner Eddy Ramich, Zvonimir Dusper crafted plenty of excellent tracks as Eddy & Dus; but this tune has been a firm favourite that I’ve seen light up a dance year in, year out.”

Honeyfeet Meet Me On The Corner (I Gemin Rework)

“Current darling of the WW45s roster, and featuring the fabulous vocal talent of Rioghnach Connolly, Honeyfeet are breaking down barriers with their barrelhouse pop. On this rework, their song is turned into a classic, soulful house stomper by Russia’s I Gemin.”

Makoto Bubbles

“Makoto Shimizu is one of the pioneers of drum & bass music in Japan. He was discovered by LTJ Bukem and released his early output through the Good Looking label, with classics like Soul Patrol and Golden Girl. We’re delighted to now count him as one of our own Hospital family, though this nugget is from his self-released album in 2011. Bubbles channels his inner Underworld, crafting a sumptuous, throwback sunshine anthem.”

Aurora Dee Raynes Find My Way

“Tru Thoughts are long-standing friends, flying the flag for quality soulful, global music across all genres from the Brighton seaside. I know very little about Aurora Dee Raynes, but I do know I love this track… giving me all the right sensations with a Stranglers bass-line, and willing, stepping backbeat.”

Camo & Krooked Come Together (Bop remix)

“Two of my favourite ever d&b artists combining for something truly special. Reini and Markus are one of the most ambitious and inquisitive duos I’ve ever met, continually pushing each other to engineer forward-facing, dance floor break-beat. Alex Bop is an innovative, electronic genius who we’ve been blessed to work with for over ten years. This is Vienna meeting St Petersburg on a Sakamoto sleeper train. Beautiful.”

MilkyWay Far Away

“Taken from our occasional New Blood series on the Med School label. The Milkyway are a Polish duo, crafting some gorgeous drum & bass and half-time nuggets. Far Away is one of my long-standing faves, bringing all the feels to a midday mix at our summer beachside booth in Tisno.”

Degs Poveglia

“Signed to Hospital only eighteen months ago, Andy Degs has exploded into the wider drum & bass scene. He delivered numerous star-turns at Hospitality On The Beach last July, and not just with his flamboyant shirt & short combinations. Blessed with both a quick-fire chat, and Philly soul vocal stylings, he can host, hype and sing a story with the best.”

Hunrosa We Know (Etherwood Remix)

“A very natural combination, especially given Sam Hunrosa’s moonlighting role in the (occasional) Etherwood Iive band. That project might currently be on the back-burner, but the textures, spontaneity and electronic-folk angles it offered continue to feed the Etherwood song book. This soothing rework of a Hunrosa original builds that legacy of feel-good drum & bass.”













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