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On moving to Canada from his original home of Haiti, pianist and singer/songwriter Henri-Pierre Noel brought with him much of the tropical island’s influences.

The “Kompa Funk” sounds of his homeland, along side contemporary North American jazz and disco, ran throughout Henri’s 1979 album Piano, re-released by Wah Wah 45s in 2012. Now it’s time for a second helping with the re-issue of 1980’s dance floor friendly One More Step, both albums having been originally released on very limited private presses and since become holy grails of the black music scene.

Floor Fusion

Henri-Pierre Noel is an incredibly versatile musican who uses the piano in a very percussive and syncopated way, almost like a drum. This particular technique naturally brings disco and afro-funk elements into his unique brand of dance floor fusion. The man himself is still playing in his adopted home of Montreal today, and having been introduced to Wah Wah 45s label boss Dom Servini by Canadian DJs Kobal, Moonstarr and Andy Williams, who were all keen fans of his early works, it became clear that Noel’s finest moments needed to be re-released and re-discovered by a new generation.

Re-mastered from the original multi-track tapes by Kevin Moonstarr in Canada, and featuring seriously foot friendly cuts like “Afro-Funk” Groove, Funky Spider Dance and Latin Feeling,as well as firing female vocals and a plethora of percussion,Henri-Pierre Noel’s sophomore LP is finally available to all on heavyweight vinyl, CD and digital formats, including full sleeve notes from Reveal Records boss, Peter Riden.

Je vous remercie une fois de plus Monsieur Noel!


“What a gentleman he is………He leaves you with a massive smile…… A Perfect 1980 cover on the album he’s wearing a perfect 1980s white suit. We’ll be playing some more of that, glorious” Cerys Matthews (BBC 6Music, UK)

“I liked the first album.. but for my money this is the stronger album. Go out and buy it!” Craig Charles (BBC 6Music, UK)

“I’m very much enjoying this and I do need to sample more!” Katie Puckrik (BBC 6Music, UK)

“The brain trusts at Wah Wah 45s have seen that this album gets a proper re release. Ladies and Gentleman you’re gonna love this album! He’s fantastic! Wah Wah 45s they do no wrong. My Meat of the Week!” Record of the Week – Huey Morgan (BBC 6Music, UK)

“Thanks for this holy grail I had never heard before!” Julien ‘Djouls’ Lakshmanan (Paris DJs, France)

“Some great material on here funky jazzy beats and sweet piano licks tasty!” DJ Krafty Kuts (UK)

“This is really cool. Love the raw rhythms and frantic piano riffs. The ballad Will Come A Day is particularly striking on first listen.” Q-Burns Abstract Message (Hallucienda / Eighth Dimension / Invisible Airwaves, USA)

“A must for funk selectors” Juno.co.uk

“The usual quality stuff from Wah Wah.” Found Sounds (DJ Mag, UK)

“Brilliant release.” Jonny Dub (Hoya:Hoya, Manchester, UK)

Blog love for One More Step

Soul Unlimited (Germany)
Cinesoundz (Germany)
Iyezine (Italy)

“West Indies Funky Jazz !!! Wicked.” DJ Psycut (22 Tracks / Jazz Altitudes, France)

“Nice, been waiting for this.” Monk-One (Wax Poetics?NYCT, USA)

“Very good album. Love Afro-Funk Groove, Joy to Me and Back Home.” Quincy Jointz (Lime Sorbet, Timewarp Music, Subculture Magazine, Germany)

“This is one LP for your collection you need. If you’re not familiar, have a listen below and become a believer.” Fleamarket Funk (USA) http://fleamarketfunk.com/2014/07/15/henri-pierre-noel-one-more-step/

“Sounds good, afro latin piano led grooves with a Ramsey Lewis, Les McCann soul jazz twist.” Mike Chadwick (Jazz FM / soulandjazz.com, UK)

Le Mellotron (Paris, France)

Un disque de Noël pour l’été

“Feelin’ good!” Toshio Matsuura (Hex / InterFM, Japan)

“Fell in love with Monsieur Noel when I first heard Simbi on a Kon & Amir compilation. Glad to hear his work being re-released.” Julien Mourlon (LDBK, Belgium)

“More Henri-Pierre Noel! It’s Noel!” Mathieu Schreyer (KCRW, USA)

Funky Spider Dance is already playing in my sets. Huge track! I’ll play it on my Le Mellotron show next week as well!” DJ iZem (France)

“Love this man. Love this label!” Trevor Parkee (Departure Lounge, 2SER, Australia)

“C’est MAGNIFIQUE!” Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM NY, USA)

“Get down with the Henri!” Covert Magazine (UK) http://www.covertmag.com/

“Wow, cant wait to listen this carefully…..this is a f…in good re..release. Thanks for this gem!” Niksa Dragolin (Radio Eurostar 101.7 FM, Serbia)

“This is incredibly funky, tracks 1 and 3 so far have me groovin and all wide eyed, I was so tired, now I’m wired!” Elias Kassatly (Giant Step NYC, USA)

“Reminds me a bit of Ahmed Jamal with the classical piano playing..stand out tracks Afro Funk Groove, Latin Feeling and Dialogue for me.With hints of Cedar Walton also.” Fitzroy Da Buzzboy (Soul Survivors, UK)

“Excellent music – definitely will play on my shows.” Mark Robinson (https://radio.adelaide.edu. au/program/primetime-jazz/, Australia)

“My first and only reaction to this on first listen is ‘Yesssssssssssss!!!’ – this just made my morning. What a great sound.” Chris Welch (Sounds Like This, 93.2FM Sheffield Live /Phuture Motion, Freestyle Records, UK)

“Missed the first album of M. Noel’s you re-issued, but this is sounding hot – especially that opening track – wow!” Paris Pompor (Sydney Morning Herald/Sun- Herald/Fairfax Digital/ 2SER 107.3 (Jumping The Gap Show)/ Eastside 89.7FM, Australia)

“Following on nicely from the previous 2012 re-issue. Favourite tracks for me are Afro Funk Groove, Funky Spider Dance and Step(Fan)..” Steve Johns (Solar Radio, UK)

“This album is very groovy! Everything in life goes in circles and now is time to shine again for Henri Pierre Noel with his record. This record is amazing, I like it very much! Sun is shining on dance floor with this record, even if it’s night time!” Dj Monsta (Latvia)

“My new favourite record. Really great.” Mr Jason (Breakthru Radio, UK)

“Great album. Probably better than the first one. More dance floor friendly tracks on this one. Love it!” Joel Parmentier (DJ ReeDoo / Afro Heat / Strictly Niceness / Bar Du Matin / Disconary / Spicy, Brussels, Belgium)

“I’ve always been a big fan of Henri so this comes as a very nice surprise. Big up Wah Wah 45s!” Wriggly Scott (NTS Radio, UK)

“I loved the first release … this is just as interesting … He comes with the keys that please!” DJ Toon (Eastside Radio, Australia)

“A unique and intriguing combination of styles… and it works!” Phil Levene (Eclectic Jazz/Starpoint radio/back2backfm/Soulm8 e-zine/Club DJ various, UK)

“Lovely re-issue full of warm sounds. A pleasure for ears!” Cesare Cera (Irma, Black Mighty Wax, Italy) “More gems from Henri-Pierre Noel! Dialogue is my choice track, with its reflective piano and downbeat rhythm, could easily be the sound track to spy film.” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word, UK)

“Drummin’ piano dance funk’n’groove” Mister G (Green Arrow Radio, USA)

“This is great! Love the Latin Feeling.” Paul Pre (Vast / Movement, Germany)

“Coooool.” DJ Irk (Solid Steel, UK)

“Good!” Antonio Bacciocchi (Radio Coop, Italy)

“What an amazing album.. a real treasure…” Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House, Switzerland)

“Grabbing this to listen to on the move. Sounds incredible. Thanks!” Alex Tumbleweave (UK)

“I like this even better than the last one! What a piano talent!” DJ Andujar (Peace & Rhythm, USA)

“Wah Wah does it again – great stuff!” Huw72 (Mr Bongo / 72 Records, UK)

“Super Classic.” Pierre Jean Lavigne (Galaxie Music Service, Music Choice International, CISM89.3FM, Canada)

“Absolutely fantastic!” Lubacov (Radi Gladyspalmera, Spain)

“So glad you people don’t stop diggin! This will be featured in many good mood moments in my further life!” Deli-Kutt (Mash & Munkee, Germany)

“Just great!” Stilliyan Angelov (Love & Happiness Music, Bulgaria)

“Warm, rich & rolling piano riffs from HPN – enjoying Funky Spider Dance with that synth solo too! Supporting for sure.” Alan Gubby (Nanny Tango / Buried Treasure, UK)

“Gem!” The Mother Funker (Black Milk Music, France)

“Pretty incredible!” Borja Mocnik (Val 202, Mladina Student Radio, Slovenia)

“Yeah amazing stuff!! Full support!!” Diesler (Tru Thoughts / Buried Treasure, UK)

“Really excellent, nice find!” David Dacks (Exclaim Magazine, Canada)

“Ivory tinkling, groovy booty shaking!” Richard Bamford (Blacksheep Magazine / Afropean Magazine / Space Invader Radio, UK)

“Very nice.” DJ Hannu Ikonen (Finland)

“Feel good tropical niceness” James Audio Texture (Spain)

“Quality album with and super funky piano. Great little party album!” DJ Marcus G Hurley (Soulectric / Bluntbeeats / Shake your hips / Flo Radio and Rhythms of the World Festival, UK)

“A heady mix of jazz and other popular sounds of the day. Doesn’t sound dated at all and could be from contemporary times. Great sounding record!” Christopher Lawyler (88 1 KDHX FM, kdhx.org, St. Louis, MO, USA)

“Just brilliant.” Dobo Marzov (The “45 RPM” Radio Show, Radio Varna, National Radio of Bulgaria)

“Loving this – big ups for the discovery and the reissue Wah Wah 45s” John Bailey (Triple R 102.7FM, Australia)

“Wonderful stuff with some true killer tracks in there.. keeping me happy!” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul, UK)

“Always very happy to hear from Wah Wah 45, especially when it’s about Henri- Pierre Noel. Piano was a huge discovery for us. Huge enough not to wait for anything else and nevertheless it arrived. It’s just too cool to be true!” Edward Waters (Gonzai – Radio Campus Orleans, France)

“This is really great works.. deep in a jazz realm, smoked out yet dance floor moving.. Step had me stepping!.. Can listen relaxing at home, or can be chopped up into a big mix of funk in the club.” DJ Snuff (Universal Zulu Nation / End of the Weak / Congo Natty / Unit 137 Sound System, UK)

“It’s fantastic to finally hear this release after I’ve been bumping Piano and its accompanying 45s since released by you guys. This has a real uplifting party feel to it and will be great for my bar sets on a Saturday night and as something to put on in the car for the trip home in the wee hours. A real rump shaking affair this one is!” DJ Mr Lob (Australia)

“This is just fat all the way through. Fact.” DJ Billy Chill Fingers (UK)

“Support!” DJ Linos (Republic 100.3, Thessaloniki, Greece)

“Such a distinct sound, top notch!” DJ Astroboy (Astrojazz, Edinburgh, Scotland)

“A funkier return and very welcome dance orientation.” John Warr (Totally Radio, UK)

“Been killing it with all the funk grooves.” DJ Enigma (wxci, USA)

“I stumbled across Henri Pierre Noel some years ago by chance…absolutely irresistible, so much groove, love the jazzy influence and the amazing rhythm… great stuff!” Matthias Kammel (Bassport/Radio M94.5 Munich, Germany)

“Awesome afro-latin grooves!” Dave Bassin (Freefall, KUSF, USA)

Afro Funk Groove‘s a killer.Wicked album for my show. Thank you!” DJ Harv (Point Blank FM, UK)

“Brilliant. Just amazing.” DJ Jimmy Mac (The Soul Purpose Radio Show, Australia)

“Dancing like a funky spider. Hard.” Agent J (Groovement, UK)

“The most groovy Piano Player out there for sure!” Jonas Kolbe (Mos Eisley Music, Germany)

“A couple of good tracks on here!” Kev Beadle (Solar Radio, UK)

“Groovy! Love the Caribe con Ramsey Lewis/ Ray Bryant vibe. As always….Thanks guys!” Doug Morgan (KDHX FM 88.1 St. Louis, MO, USA)

“Some great jazz funk styles here with a great fusion of jazz piano with a that great 70s funk sound.” Kel Sweeney (Video Geeks, UK)

Funky Spider Dance and Step are my favorite tunes. Great music, great artist … so much soul in here!” Double D (Funky Fresh Radio Show, Radio X, Germany)

“Nice!” Four40 Records (UK)

“Great stuff!” Ralf Zitzmann (Agogo Records, Germany)

“Nice stuff!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“It sure is funky!” DJ Dennis (Funkaholic Radio Show, Hannover, Germany)

“Fantastic stuff – will be playing some of these on my Shoreditch Radio show.” Michael Evans (Shoreditch Radio, UK)

“Funky and different in a wide variety of creative styles. Will definitely support!” Marcus Rosario (KSDS-FM San Diego’s Jazz 88.3FM, USA)

“Dope!” DJ Roog/Hardsoul (Netherlands)

“Beautiful latin tinged grooves, some very timeless.” Ginger Tony (Solar Radio, UK)

“Looking forward to this one. Participated in the HPN show a few months ago…” Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary, Canada)

“Very good!” Ket Shah (Mucho Soul, Back2Back FM, UK)

“I prefer it to the first re-issued album!  A couple of winners, like Step, Back Home , Funky Spider Dance and more.  A must for Jazz dance floor purists.” Don Rogall (Micatone, Germany)

“Great stuff.” Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK)

“Nice!” Ivan Mera (Higher Street Radio Show, Spain)

Afro-Funk Groove is a big tune! Great album!” Timewarp Music (Join Radio, Greece)

“Great to hear this collection brought back for those too young to have caught this guy first time around.” Bobby Tempo (Stafford FM, Vidal Lounge, UK)

“Grandmaster HP Noel has been a pioneer in piano orchestrated dance music since the late 70s and early 80s. Thanks again to Wah Wah 45s we now enjoy this brilliant piece of work.” Phil Horneman (Wicked Jazz Sounds, Netherlands)

“Good sound/ great playing.” Mike Bradshaw (Totally Radio / Radio Reverb, Brighton, UK)

“A truly under ratted Canadian master!” Double K (ParkdaleFunk.com, CIUT 89.5 FM, Canada)

“Summer sounds, really nice, the punters will dig this” DJ Jim Ling (UK)

“Wow!! Very nice!!” Hector Pizarro (Chile Con Mix, France)

“A splendid variety of tunes and styles – Dialogue is absolutely stunning!” Gavin Handley (Jus Like Music, UK)

“OK, this is really different ….” Bill Lupoletti (Assistant Music Director for World Music and host of “Global A Go-Go” at WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio, USA)

“I think I needed 10 seconds to decide this was an album I was going to play on my show. Superb!” Mandy Morrow (Radio Wey, UK)

“Superb!” Eric Tchaikovsky (Night Light Sound System, Ukraine)

“Amazing… will play a track on my new monthly Mi Soul show” Chris Greenwood (Stop Making Sense / Mi-Soul, UK)

“Great collection.” Benji Candelario (World, USA)

“Great Reissue.” Chris Ex (musica-re blog / up’n’loud radio / soul magazine / Bandrop.tv, Germany)

“I love Henri Pierre Noel and Wah Wah 45s as a label I am definitely going to be playing one of these on my show tonight.”

Andy Sharp (No Presure, Stomp Radio, UK)

“Hadn’t heard of this album till now and wondering why – its great!” DJ Graham B (Freestyle, Netherlands)

“Great album with plenty to keep the feet tapping!” Gary Turner (Zero Radio, UK)

“All tracks sound really good! Excellent tunes!” Paine Caudrelli (Compl8, Italy)

“Some interesting joints.. like the barrel piano.. different.” Nomis (Kane FM, UK)

“Top banana full support on this shall be playing this all over the show especially Funky Spider Dance” James Cambrian (Quantum Bleep / Cambrian Line, Germany)

“Mad vibes..” DJ Nathan Detroit (UK)

“I always a joy to listen to his music!” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)

“I’d just like to say this has massaged the earlobes to a happy place,thanks again for the promo and will feature some tracks on radio show.” Paul ‘Abbo’ Abbott (Starpoint Radio, UK)

“Uplifting stuff. Makes my mind easy and my feet swinging. Timeless.” m.path.iq (Strut / BBE / We Are.., Germany)

“Loving the pianos. What a WICKED album!” DJ Mark Parker (UK)

“Wow!!! Very nice!!” Hector Pizarro (Chile Con Mix, France)

“The first album Piano was superb, this is even better.” Nick Davies (Radio Winchcombe, UK)

“Good!” Isidro Lisboa (Radio Nova, Portugal)

“Wow! How can this sound so bright fresh and alive after nearly 25 years. One More Step has the feel of a Haitian Buena Vista Social Club.” Matthew Rogers (Source FM, UK)

“Afro disco boogie. Nice fusion.” DJ Lord Lewis (WESU 88.1 FM Middletown Connecticut, USA)

“Great funky tracks . Will play at my new wed night in 5 weeks . Groovy .” Nick Madge (DJ Wales, UK)

“Super funky! Fantastic jams and definitely going to play on my shows. Funky Spider Dance is well, just so funky! AMPM and Dialogue are such lovely tunes.” Playjazzloud (UK Jazz Radio / Europe Jazz Radio, USA)

“Little treasure from the 80’s!” Marie Dosiere (Balade Chromatique, French Radio London, UK)

“Great!” DJ Craig Woodrow (UK)

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