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Having been in the game for eighteen years this year, soulful London imprint Wah Wah 45s have racked up their fair share of remixes.

This compilation shows off the broad church of artists who’ve leant their sound to the label’s back catalogue. From uber-producers at the top of their game like Bonobo, Quantic and Ashley Beadle, to young, up-and-coming talents such as O’Flynn, J-Felix, Murder He Wrote and Medlar, and even some of the label’s own artists like Scrimshire and Paper Tiger.

From the low slung beats of musical luminaries Tall Black Guy and Bastien Keb, remixing The Milk and Paper Tiger respectively, to more straight up four-to-the-floor action from Domu, LV and Lay-Far, this exhaustive collection of thirty-three of the label’s finest re-works leaves no musical stone unturned.

It even includes a previously unreleased remix of The Milk’s ‘Deliver Me’ by Baby Prince from the Soul Clap crew, giving it a little more club bounce.

So sit back or shake a leg to myriad interpretations of classic music from the Wah Wah 45s stable – the perfect way to kick off 2017.


“So many of my favourite artists here. Brilliant mix of styles, will be supporting numerous tracks” Murder He Wrote

“Nice to be a part of it, look forward to checking it all out. Love Weight in Space from the off – lush vocals.” J-Felix, 1 Brighton FM/ Patterns / (United Kingdom)

“Great remixes.” Renegades of Jazz, Agogo Records // Mojo Club Hamburg / (Germany)

“Boom ka boom! Always lovely & respectful remixes that enhance and add to the originals. Cheers guys” Chris Greenwood, Stop Making Sense / Bedroom Bar / Soas Radio / Mi-Soul Radio

“Killer! All dope!” Inkswel, Adelaide / Hot Shot Sounds

“Great selection, lovely set of remixes!” Alberts Favourites

“Congrats & thanks, loving the Lay Far remix!” Kraak & Smaak (Diynamic)

“From the versatile Quantic joy to LV and Mr Beedle’s bangers there’s an abundance of Wah Wah dancefloor heat. Convergence still up there with the Yosi Remix. X” On The Corner Records

“Storming! Thank you as always” Ben Mynott, Fluidnation / Chill Radio

“Excellente” Shiv Kalaria, BskyB

“An excellent set of class remixes.Tall Black Guy sticks out as a fav though.” Aja Allsop, WSJR (USA)The Jazz UK,BluesJazz Radio (TX USA) Electric Lion Radio (London) Impact Radio(Italy)

“Awesome compilation.” Robert Lochmann, Radio X,Frankfurt; (Germany)

“Big up! Excellent as always! The TBG remix is the one for me out of this selection, but been hammering the MHW remix for ages too!” Tom Miller, Soundcrash, Shapes of Rhythm (United Kingdom)

“Remixes yes? I like them. Very good.” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Excursions Radio Show / (United Kingdom)

“There is always a certain amount of intelligency in Wah wah music. And so it is now.” Måns Strömberg, Radio Helsinki Radio YLE 1

“Wah Wah never disappoints! Favourite track on the album is by The Milk – Diliver Me (Baby Prince Remix).” Tom Mannix, (Canada)

“Loving the Tall Black Guy remix of The Milk, adds another layer of soulful flavour.” Patrick, Mi-soul/ NTS (United Kingdom)

“Great remixes.” Renegades of Jazz, Agogo Records // Mojo Club Hamburg / (Germany)


“Excellent!” Martijn Barkhuis, (Netherlands)

“Rosie Brown Quantic Remix is still FYRE! x” Ben Smith, Late Night Tales DJs (Bristol, United Kingdom)

“Lovely stuff. thanks” Tim, Radio Nova Lujon / Electronic Mass

“Always on top of the remix game!” Chris Exarchopoulos, Black Radio Berlin – Up’n’loud Radio (Germany)

“Really lovely usable mixes.” Kappa, Radio Reverb

“Massive remix compilation of the superb Wah Wah back catalogue … respect!!!” Markus Milz, “Further In Fusion” Radio Corax 95.9fm (Halle, Germany)

“Projet magnifique de A à Z !” Seb, Radio Krimi

“Yeah! Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.” Phil Gray, KPSU Radio (Portland USA)

“Great stuff. Remember the good old days :)” Weird Pigs / Compost Records

“Great compilation!” Jason Deckstatic, No.8, XL, Space Ibiza NYC, 1 Oak Southampton

“A List remixes together in a great compilation” KPFK (United States)

“The Murder He Wrote remix of Drift is my pick. The Baby Prince remix of Deliver Me might be the big hit here, Quantic work is solid and the Basten Keb remix trendy, but for me it´s the remix of Drift.” CHOQ / ROGALL / Cab Callowax, We are… On Air 88.4fm/ Hoochie Koo / Electric Sideshow / Submarine Circus

“Nice sounding remixes. Cool variety.” CJSW 90.9 FM

“Nice one!” Tony Heynen, GlobalRiddims (Belgium)

“Hi Guys Thanking you so much for this ‘Wonderful Music’. Tall Black Guy… Smashed it! This will getting full support. Please keep it comin’ JRx” Johnny Reckless, Colourful Radio

“Great selection of remixes. The Quantic remix is superb and the stand out track for me.” DJ Expression, Whatshot Radio (United Kingdom)

“Solid RMX project.” Lorenzo Aldino, Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Formentera, Royal Plastic Radio Show Ibiza, Lust & Leben Magazine

“Yes! Dreamy bassy wubby versions from top calibre artists. Uniquely Wah Wah.” Jamie Groovement, / Reform Radio (United Kingdom)

“All killers. So happy to see this label still kicking and bring the heat as always!! Respect” Jeff Fellows, Bali based dj / Music Director (Old Mans) Director at Dusk Music (Australia)

“Top class. Lovely to see the history gathered up in such a fresh package and some classic tunes from over the years in here along with those overlooked gems. Track listing is huge. Great introduction for newcomers to the label also. That new Milk remix is great and the Lay Far Gene Dudley is already a modern fave from the label! How did I miss a goth trad remix of Lea Lea!?” Fergus Murphy, Bitchslap Mag Music Editor/ / DJ promoter @lightsdownlow / ‘Lights down Low’

“Ohhh! Bliss!!!” Kevin Hughes

“Very nice indeed. Includes my personal fave – Paper Tiger’s Drift (Murder He Wrote Remix). Great record. Great label.” Johnny Cush, Shoreditch Radio (United Kingdom)

“Very nicee release. Will be plying on my show. Bless” Nicole Finnerty, Kane FM 103.7 FM – Flex FM /

“Some great remixes, love the Quantic remix especially!” Nick Rayman, Barricade Radio (United Kingdom)

“ALL the bangers! Well played.” Eavesdrop Radio WKDU 91.7FM (United Kingdom)

“Quality stuff!” Darker Than Wax

“Brilliant!” Angel Mishev, (Bulgaria)

“Love the Baby Prince mix of a bonafide classic” Alan Gubby, Buried Treasure Radio – The Henley College + Reading College

“Superb release! Always excellent quality and so many styles” Really Swing (Italy)

“Great variety of styles, great selection of remixers” Mark Stangroom, Pyro / Shapes Of Rhythm

“Great collection of mixes” DJ Lamp, Coalition, The Hub, Radio Reverb, Coastway Radio (United Kingdom)

“Amazing. Every track here is going to be heavily playlisted. I love Wah Wah 45s and this is brilliant.” Neil Macdonald, Open Ear Music

“On rotation.” Christian Gamp, GDS.FM

“Great remixes!” Electric Brother , Radio Guerrilla / Retroelectro (Romania)

“Wah Wah always come with the quality” Aldo Vannuci, Big Chill House London

“Trouble’s Gonna Bring Me Down is one of my favourite ever Wah Wah releases love every track on this” Andrew Sharp, Stomp Radio / Soul Survivors

“Nice collection” Allan Nicoll, (South Africa)

“Brings you to a different level, amazing” Radio 1 Italy and Manifesto Newspaper (Italy)

“Heavy duty remixes, I’m loving these!” Ginger Tony, Solar Radio / The Ibiza Soul Week / Southcoast Soul Jam / Soul Survivor

“Quantic always delivers with the jazzy vibes and tempos.” Philippe Coicou, FM Brussel / (Belgium)

“Yes, loves! What a great comp. A cracking selection of remixes for an incredible back catalogue. Great work. Big up! Love Mickey x” Michael Jukes, Mile Wide Smile Club/Brighton (United Kingdom)

“Soooooooo diverse…..” Andrej, ByteFM

“Lovely!!” Frank McWeeny, French Toast international radio show

“Once again WahWah prove why they are at the forefront!!!” Shep Kennedy, Likwid

“The remixes are beautiful! Thanks for sending” Raul Campos, KCRW /

“Wah Wah always delivers” Eastside Radio / Mondo Stereo

“Very enjoyable and soulful collection – Support!!” DJ Colin Hargreaves (DE Radio, The House Grind)

“Some lush tracks in here, really eclectic selection. Many thanks.” Martin Smith (DeeperSounds on Mixlr)

“Great compilation, thanks!” Joe Chris

“Some beauts in this selction. Thank you!” BackTheTooFuture (Sub FM)

“Thanks for the music” Steve’Butch’Jones (Something Global Radio)

“Whole package is dope! Supporting Trouble and Glory remixes on! Cheers!” Arch44

“AMAZING VA!!!! I LOVE IT!!!” FK ANYWAY (Subterranea Radioshow)

“Absolutely love this remix pack so many corkers top job guys!” Deepshizzol (

“Super cool package!” Deep In Radio

“Great compilation.. Thanks!!” Danilo De Santo (UNCODE)

“Thx … good work!” DJ Axel F. (SPOK-Media Records)

“Cool stuff, will test out some of them!” OzzyXPM (Blue Soho Recordings)

“Glory is cool, thanks.” Klangträumer

“Great release!” DJ Angola (Deckstatic, No 8, Space Ibiza NYC, 1OAk Southampton,

“Awesome DJ pack! Killer downtempo vocals! Bravo” Monsta (Music Choice, New York City)

“Off course! What can we say, it’s a bunch of pearls!” Blossom Kollektiv Office

“ These sound great!” Kadabra

“ Fantastic compilation!! Quality!” Francesco De Argentis

“Nice Pack. Will try out a couple of them. Lay Far, LV’s & Throwing remixes snow are the winners for me.” Paul Nuance (Hush Recordz, Bosom, Maintain Replay, Professional Rockstars)

“Nice mix up of sounds…love Glory by Stac!” Blue Tone Boy

“Glory (Ashley Beedle Remix) is my fav, amazing classy stuff.” Jonnas B (Jonathan Bedoya)

“Very enjoyable and soulful collection – Support!!” DJ Colin Hargreaves (DE Radio, The House Grind)

“Glory for me, thanks.” Diego Valle (LTHM)

“Sounds Good Rosie Brown Bliss my favorite!” Nello Simioli (Kiss Kiss Radio Italy)

“PURE QUALITY — will present on my radio show.” Laurent Garnier (DJ)

“Some lush tracks in here, really eclectic selection.” Many thanks Martin Smith  (DeeperSounds on Mixlr)

“Luv this whole package.” Native City Records

“Cool sounds, great release.” Giles Dhay

“Very nice release !!! Many Thx” Peakt Twitch

“BEAUTIFUL” Francis Cirioni (Radio Zerosei)

“Excellent, support!” Mani Comio

“Very nice selection.” Pearl Diver Records

“WOW! Strong track!” Jungle Funk Records

“Nice tracks, Thanks for the music!” Merlo (Vapour Recordings)

“Absolute quality. A really good mix of tracks/remixes. Hard to pick a fave just yet. Thanks for sending.” Tom Lown

“Almost every track is a winner.” DJ Maestro!

“Nice one !! full support.” Cyron Music

“Some tasty Jazzy Chilled goodness in there. Quantic remix is my favourite, thanks.” Ragtime Records

“Great collection. Will be on The Crate.” Techfui

“Thanks 4 music,nice mood! :)” Robbie Jay (Moonvibes)

“Wow what a nice release. Full support!” Jose Zaragoza (Deep Hype Sounds/Altered Bells/Cube Tip Records/Deep Hype Sounds)

“Absoulte vibes through and through. Will def show support!” Howsons Groove

“Very nice releasse. Some really nice tracks in here. Thanks for the Music!” Denite (Diynamic, Get Physical, Third Ear, Redlight Music)

“Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sending. Will be playing these out throughout the summer.” Curtis Randles (Cabasa, Back To The Beach Podcast, Krafted Music, Twisted Record)

“Lovely release 🙂 thx!” Acid Driver (We Play Acid/

“Hell. Yes. Sexy as fawk!” ScandalDC (ScandalDC, mGrooves)

“GREAT..” Andy Lupoli

“Bomb EP!” K-Zan (U-Man Records / So Deep Radioshow (House Heads Radio))

“All tracks are awesome. Thnks for sending.” Joseph Christopher (Dakota West Recordings / JCs Recordings)

“Cool project. Solid track I will try on de dance floor……thanks” CLiVe

“Very nice, thanks” Mirko & Meex

“Absolutely great music. Grabbin a few of these, like Mr Beedle’s remix” khillaudio (KhillaCast / Gents & Dandys)

“Bliss is top!” Bravofox

“Absolutely fantastic. Great sounds”. Ibiza Sonica radio supporting. igor marijuan

“Nice remixed pack. Love the Ashley Beedle Remix!” DJ 19 (19box Recordings / Park Limited Muzik)

“Dope release!!! thank you for sharing!” Maarka

“Amazing jazzy vibes!” Thanks! Subalpine

“Nice tracks !!” Joe Tapia

“really enjoyed this album, cracking stuff!” Sarah Foote (

“ The Milk yo”  Better On Foot

“….quality package. Some cool sounds here.” Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records)

“THE MILK !” Ballroom Records

“kickin monster tracks ! *****” Lorenzo Al Dino (Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Formentera, Royal Plastic Rec., Royal)

“Nice pack for my soul” Eric Rose (Black Hole – Pleasure)

“Some beauts in this selction. Thank you!” BackTheTooFuture (Sub FM)

“Great compilation, thanks!” Joe Chris

“Whole package is dope! Supporting Trouble and Glory remixes on! Cheers!” Arch44

“AMAZING VA!!!! I LOVE IT!!!” FK ANYWAY (Subterranea Radioshow)

“Absolutely love this remix pack so many corkers top job guys!” Deepshizzol (

“Super cool package!” Deep In Radio

“Great compilation.. Thanks!!” Danilo De Santo (UNCODE)

“I’m honored for getting this promo…Beautiful collection indeed…Thank you very much…” Gibbon

“Finest pack! Thanks.” Luiz B (Silk / Spring Tube / Per-vurt / Black Hole / Armada / Istmo)

“Loving the lay far, EYS LVs and AJ Remixes” Wayward


“This EP is Fire! Support on Stac – Glory (Ashley Beedle Remix) esp.” Paper Samurai (Mistique Music / Ableton / Release Promo)

“Cool pack. Adam Jones fits my sets. Thanks! :)” Tianko (Lapsus Music / Decide / Kimbo Records)

“Some very good remixes on this package! Thanks!” The Micronauts (Micronautics – Rituel)

“Nice selection of bits on here… good stuff” Soulfuledge (Soulfuledge / Quantize)

“Wow! Cool tracks, incredible tunes! THX!” Queemose (Resopal Red, Karmic Power, Recycle)

“Great stuff. Grabbing!” Claes Rosen (Silk, Spring Tube, SpaceWalker.)

“So many of my favourite artists here. Brilliant mix of styles, will be supporting numerous tracks.” Murder He Wrote

“Quality. Love Trouble” Danny Torrence (Recovery House, S2G, Hypetraxx)

“Great album. Especialy love Rosie Brow – Bliss (Quantic Mix). It’s for me. Will support. Thank you.” Yoshi Horino(UNKNOWN season / YoshiFumi)

“Of course! What can we say. It’s a bunch of pearls!” Blossom Kollektiv Office

“Glory (Ashley Beedle Remix) is my fav, amazing classy stuff” Jonnas B (Jonathan Bedoya)

“Great release!” DJ Angola (Deckstatic, No 8, Space Ibiza NYC, 1OAk Southampton)

“Yeah !! Big groove 🙂 thank you so much fot this dicover 😉 Full support” FEM (KMS Records / Brique Rouge ))

“Very cool compilation, support!” Lonya (Asymmetric Recordings)

“Cookie Dough Lay Far Remix will work well for me at Festivals!” Martin Davies – Wight Label Records/Nang/Chopshop

“Fantastic compilation!! Quality!” Francesco De Argentis

“Really really good selection, thanx!!!!!!” Lcaise (Tanztone Records)


Innamissions Radio, KUCI 88.9fm (United States)

DJ Bunuel, Radio Helsinki (Finland)

Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg (Germany)

Nicholas Gray, The Gray Area, The Alternative 9 (United Kingdom)


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