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A True Reflection

On the hot, summer evening of 8th July 2016, Wah Wah 45s and their four-piece soul band, The Milk, realised a long-time ambition as the epic sounds of ‘Favourite Worry’ filled a sold-out Union Chapel. Taking to the stage at the iconic venue which has been home to some of London’s most legendary live shows, from the first Big Chill events to Björk to Terry Callier, was an honour that was understood by all.

So on that night, accompanied by beautiful string and brass sections, the band delivered a live performance that none of the 800 fans, packed into those hallowed pews, will ever forget.

When you mention certain venue names, bands and labels start to think about live recordings and the Union Chapel is one of them. But it was only when drummer and producer Mitch began sending round rough mixes of the recordings that the band and label realised they had something very special on their hands.

A Landmark Night

Being a great live band is a fundamental part of what makes The Milk who they are. These recordings really demonstrate the closeness of the four men, their solid work ethic, their exceptional ability as performers and their connection with their fans. But above all, it showcases their songs and songwriting in the best possible way.

And while from the audience’s standpoint everything sounded and looked grandiose, the band themselves were living a very memorable experience on stage, as perfectly described by Dan Le Gresley below:

“It’s very rare that we get the chance to recreate our music live with the same instrumentation and attitude in which it was first created. The ambiance of the smokey chambers of the Union Chapel was strangely similar to the medieval barn from which the music of Favourite Worry was brought to life. We can’t put our fingers on why, maybe the history, maybe the sense of solidarity among us – either way, if you were there then you shared in something truly special. It is for this reason that we are very proud to release this show as our first live album – a gig that we will always cherish.”

“Our eleven strong ensemble did the Gospel-soaked halls of the Union Chapel venue proud and we are very grateful that our wonderful string section and our awesome brass section were able to join us for the night. With their help, we were able to capture, in a live context, a true reflection of the bands soul for the first time.”

Whether it’s hearing the vast sound of Wanderlust as it steps up that key in the final moments, or revisiting seldom played hits from the first album, ‘Tales From The Thames Delta’, there is something here for fans old and new.



“Love it!” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Excursions Radio Show (United Kingdom)

“I was lucky enough to have witnessed this live and it was a night to remember!! Looking forward to playing these live versions on my show!!” Alan, Multi Storey Soul Radio Show, RTE Pulse (Dublin, Ireland)

“Nice” Jazzie B, Soul 2 Soul, BBC, Solar, Worldwide (United Kingdom)

“Like wanderlust, nice soul’s voice” Veronique, Radio Krim (Paris, France)

“We dig this rawness and no frills !!!” Aja Allsop, WSJR (USA) The Jazz UK, BluesJazz Radio (TX USA) Electric Lion Radio (London) Impact Radio(Italy)

“The Milk has been one of my contemporary soul bands in the last years. I would be happy to listen to them on a concert, until that day I’ll be OK with these great live recordings. Breathtaking performances!” Wahwah, Tilos Radio

“My goodness, these guys are so great! Only got to preview the first of these three tracks as the second two previews were unavailable. Wish there were more tracks here.” Tim Quigley, Groovera New Modern Radio

“Wonderful ! BIG sound, hot vibes 😉 Thanks for all this good music.” Xavier JEAN

“Great!” Nicolas Ragonneau, (France)

“It’s rare that a live album captures the atmosphere of great live performance but when it does, it’s a true thing of beauty. And whilst The Milk are known for as an excelence band that can shift at a gig, this is more than that as it’s in Islington’s Union Chapel, it’s a sell out show and there’s string and horn sections to boot. Each track step out of the ordinary; ‘Darling What’s Wrong’ is particularly touching (could have done with a bit more of that keyboard solo), ‘Wanderlust’ is upbeat soulful with that hard horn section heroing and ‘Deliver Me/Every Time We Flight’ features the strings at the end but vocals predomonate. This is enough to get them [with the Resonators] on Jools Holland at New Year? I’d hope so. Well done all at Wah Wah 45s.” Gerry Hectic, 60 Million Postcards / Bournemouth / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles

“Beautiful stuff” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show, Nu-World Mix ( (United Kingdom)

“Wow..please come play the U.S. soon!” David Bassin, KUSF / FreeFall /

“This is an amazing live set.. Really glasd to be able to play this but even more devastated i was unable to get to the live gigs. Missed a blinder. The Milk sound even more impressive live. Wanderlust is a killer but Darling whats wrong is haunting live” DJ Expression, Whatshot Radio (United Kingdom)

“FULLLLLL support.” Michael Stukes, WHCR 90.3 FM (Harlem, USA)

“Classic and soulful, wonderful Thank You” Barry Burns, Deben Radio CIC, Laid Back Radio (Belgium)

“Double live at Budokan” Tom, BBC Radio 6 Music (United Kingdom)

“I was lucky enough to have witnessed this live and it was a night to remember!! Looking forward to playing these live versions on my show!!” Alan, Multi Storey Soul Radio Show, RTE Pulse (Dublin, Ireland)

“Such a great band.” Sammy Al, Stellar Entertainment

“Soulful sounds, makes me wish i was there.” Nicole Finnerty, Kane FM 103.7 FM – Flex FM /

“You can feel the energy in the recording. Fantastic stuff. Thanks a lot! x” Tom Miller, Soundcrash, Shapes of Rhythm

“Wonderful! Great sound quality, thanks a lot!” Robert Lochmann, Radio X, (Germany)

“Great atmosphere captured with the band on 100% form.” Tom Headfunk, Vectis Radio / (United Kingdom)

“Cool! Air support on this.” Tiago Santos

“Damn these guys are on fire and would love to get them out here to play in Bali.. Definitely can translate their studio productions to a killer live show.. Love it!!” Jeff Fellows, Australia / Bali based dj / Music Director (Old Mans) Director at Dusk Music

“Fabulous Simply Fabulous” Barry Burns, Deben Radio CIC, Laid Back Radio (Brussels, Belgium)

“The Milk… God, I love their music!” Dobromir Marzov, The ’45 RPM’ radio show on Radio Varna (Bulgaria)

“Cool funky/jazzy vibe.” Josef, Radio 1 Prague (Czech Republic)

“Sounds great” DJ Lamp, Coalition, The Hub, Radio Reverb, Coastway Radio (United Kingdom)

“Makes me want to see these live. Love it.” Andrew Sharp, Stomp Radio / Soul Survivors (United Kingdom)

“Great live too” Dan, Detektor FM

“I’ve loved The Milk since day one. I’m sure they are gonna crack it soon” Shep Kennedy, Likwid

“A new bomb, fantastic!” Iván Mera, Higher Street

“Love Wanderlust” Amrisha Prashar, Radio 79 /

“Pure Energy on that!” Chris Exarchopoulos, Black Radio Berlin – Up’n’loud Radio (Germany)

“GREAT SOUND LIVE !” eastside radio / mondo stereo

“They’ve got a great sound. Filling a gap in this element of Soul muisc. Hope they get the credit and exposure they deserve.” Nick

“Superb” Rado Tomek, NU Spirit Club (Bratislava, Slovakia)

“Nice live recording, pure soulistic!!!” Andrej, ByteFM

“You know how much i love the Milk. Anything they do, anything! Appreciated.” Michael Jukes, Mile Wide Smile Club (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“Always down to support The Milk! Great job!” The Expedition – Dash Radio (United States)

“Love ‘The Milk’ … as always !” Corrado Bucci, Brescia

“Gonna play on the radio on Monday!” Greg Surmacz, Paper Tiger (United Kingdom)





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