Yesterday we had the deep joy of taking the Hackney Colliery Band into our favourite London studio to record pieces for their next single and begin work on the debut album!

Once again we have been fortunate enough to have the amazing Ben Lamdin (Nostalgia 77) engineering the session. Ben’s knowledge is on another level when it comes to recording live music like this, and with a treasure trove of mics, devices, boxes and other treats, the sound and setup was beautiful.

Also there was our very lovely Simon Capstone who will be on production and mix duties for both the single and album. Between the two of them we captured something really amazing yesterday.

The Hackney Collieries themselves were on incredible form and it’s a real treat to finally start digging in to the original material they have been busily writing and arranging over the last few months. You’re going to love their original pieces. Full of all the personality, humour and energy you’ve come to expect but with deep, deep soul, funk and a touch of jazz too. We’re mad about them.

Tracks recorded include:

  • Africa (by Toto, arrangement by Jeff Miller – Sousaphone);
  • Right Foot Up (by Cath Roberts – Alto/Baritone saxophone);
  • Happy Daze (by Olly Blackman – bass drum and percussion);
  • House Arrest (by Steve Pretty – Trumpet/Melodica).

Below are one or two photos from yesterday, have a little peek. But also, you can read at the Hackney Citizen a timely feature on the band, looking back over their incredibly eventful 2010, their origins and what’s to come…

Hackney Citizen feature on the Hackney Colliery Band

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