Such is the state of things at Wah Wah 45s now that myself and Dom are beginning to bend under the weight of jobs that need doing!

Next year promises to be our biggest yet, with a glut of albums from our favourite artists and because of that we thought it was about time to get some help in! So please welcome Miss Vicky Green. Here is a little review from Vicky of the Scala party at the end of November. You can find some photos at the bottom too…

The other week I experienced my first ‘Wah Wah Live’ event held at The Scala in Kings Cross and oh my days did it not disappoint! We arrived early in the day to get cracking with setting up the venue and making it look pretty for the night ahead. My jobs varied between anything that people needed/wanted help with – from hanging Wah Wah 12” sleeves from the ceiling (without getting them tangled, ahem Paul!) to setting up the tables and chairs and decorating the venue.

There was much joking and laughter and I don’t think I’ve seen two men eat so much all you can eat buffet in a long time! We rolled said fatties back to the venue to deal with any last minute issues and with sound checks complete, the doors opened at 9pm. Temperatures weren’t the most tropical but that didn’t stop the soul brothers and sistas from experiencing a night of quality music.

Resonators got things warmed up in room three with their skankin dub reggae and Stac lured us into the main room with her velvety voice, beautiful backing vocalists and band. Later The Hackney Colliery Band started jamming in room three and made their way into the main room in the style of a big brassy conga with some people dancing along behind them.

I was generally floating between the backstage area checking in on the artists and the various rooms soaking up the atmosphere and enjoyed seeing how much fun everyone was having. I had the pleasure of meeting Will Quantic briefly backstage and I have to say he has one of the softest beards I’ve ever felt! Definitely a winner for Decembeard. I wonder whether he uses conditioner on it…? Anyway, I digress. His set later in the night definitely increased the temperature of the main room packing in a big crowd of smilers and dancers – everyone was having an incredible time. One guy was loving it so much he kept trying to show off his dance moves to everyone on the stage (much to the dismay of a nearby bouncer)!

Musical Bingo went down a storm in the top room with the great Jess Indeedy on the mic. I have to say I timed things pretty damn poorly and didn’t manage to take part in an actual game of bingo but every time I was there it seemed as though there were as many people up dancing to the music as there were playing bingo! I was also surprised to see how many of my friends had taken a new shine to this musical game. Perhaps it’s time for a trip down to Mecca Bingo next weekend!

Thanks to Dom, Adam and everyone involved for making it such a success and so much fun to be a part of.

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