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A special show dedicated to the memory of simon goss

1st hour


terry callier – love theme from spartacus (zero 7 remix) (talking loud)

the caravans – walk around heaven all day (vee jay)

sesong – love untold (wah wah 45s)

freddie hubbard – little sunflower (atlantic)

mark murphy – stolen moments (muse)

the undisputed truth – what’s going on (gordy)

odyssey – our lives are shaped by what we love (mowest)

newban – free your mind (guiness)

horace silver – the gods of Yoruba (blue note)

archie shepp – blues for brother george jackson / ballad for a child (impulse)

2nd hour

laura vane – words and music


hardkandy feat. laura vane – hey lover (wah wah 45s)

part-time heroes feat. laura vane – stop, fade, blur (wah wah 45s)

laura vane & the vipertones – no words (pth remix) (unique/social beats)

laura vane & the vipertones – am I dreaming (unique/social beats)

secret future love feat. laura vane – pass it on (cdr)

unforscene feat. laura vane – switchin’ it on (cdr)

diesler feat. laura vane – pick pocket (unique/social beats)

laura vane – crash & burn (cdr)

a version excursion half hour

irene reid – son of a preacher man (polydor)

mel brown – son of a preacher man (impulse)

the dierdre wilson tabac – get back (rca)

sarah vaughan – come together (atlantic)

ray charles – living for the city (crossover)

sergio mendes – coming home baby (atlantic)

the 5th dimension – california soul (soul city)

miriam makeba – for what it’s worth (reprise)

nancy wilson – easy evil (capitol)

3rd hour

simon goss’ greatest hits

young holt unlimited – wah wah man (cotillion)

12th floor – take it back (wah wah 45s)

esther marrow – things aint right (fantasy)

benny golson – I’m always dancin’ to the music (columbia)

the whatnauts – help is on the way (harlem international)

margie joseph – come lay some loving on me (atlantic)

ramsey lewis – if you’ve got it, flaunt it (cadet)

googie rene combo – smokey joe’s la la (wah wah 45s)

groove holmes – no trouble on the mountain (wah wah 45s)

cheyenne fowler – come back to me (wah wah 45s)

dj shadow – this time (i’m gonna try it my way) (island)

young holt trio – wack wack (brunswick)

ray charles – hit the road jack (hmv)

tom jones – sixteen tonnes (decca)

ella fitzgerald – hallelujah I love him so (verve)

the winstons – amen brother (metromedia)

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