Scrimshire – The Low Road 7-Inch Release by WahWah45s

Wah Wah 45s blow the doors off a new decade with a brand new release from our secret weapon, the mighty Scrimshire!

Having wowed us with his lush debut album “Along Came The Devil One Night…” in 2009, the young South London genius is back with a heavy re-working of album track “The Low Road” (featuring the rasping vocals of Rob Hynd) courtesy of production don Marc Rapson who delivers a remix full of musicality and pure dance floor filth! On the flip comes a brand new Scrimshire offering – a latin flavoured 4/4 joint featuring the sultry vocals of Miss Claire Laurent (last heard on the wonderful album highlight “Springtime”) that provides the perfect organic accompaniment to Rapson’s club banger!

There’s much more to come from Scrimshire in 2010, including a brand new album and remixes for all and sundry as more and more people cotton on to this young man’s prodigious talent.


A rousing slice of future soul jazz from Scrimshire who ramp up the production values for their latest foray.  Vocalist Claire Laurent elegantly decorates ‘I Was Love’, a slick samba shuffle that shows a maturity in the arrangement, whilst the Rapson remix of ‘The Low Road’ combines a laid back piano and ARP groove with tougher drums and occasional gnarled bass. Smooth. 3.5/5 Found Sounds (DJ Mag)

This will be the big one in 2010. I Was Love – anthem alert!!!! This one cries for extended beats louie-vega-treatment-alike..! The Low Road – Mark Rapson Remix, killer music, i admire you and Simon…you just dont and didnt care about “dance oriented”, “crowd pleaser” and similar tags, one of the few labels survived which still put good music no much what it may costs… DJ Jazzmate (Balanco, Belgrade)

This is another quality Wah Wah release. Both tunes really cool, with “I Was Love” being more my kind of vibe. Am just listening the 3rd time in a row, really really good vibes! Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes, Germany)

Scrimshire in the remix is a very effective dancefloor anthem. On the flip…the new song with vocalist Claire Laurent is just amazing! Phil Horneman (Wicked Jazz Sounds, Holland)

Cracker! I Was Love is killer! Ross Wakefield (Part-Time Heroes)

The Rapson remix is a very nice facelift! ‘I Was Love’ is outstanding with its lovely vocals from Claire Laurent. Definitely on my playlist! Georgios Paragolou (Palov & Mishkin, Greece)

Really coooool release. Feeling ‘I Was Love’ the most. 8/10 Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM, NYC)

I’m glad to hear great new stuff from Scrimshire – digging I Was Love! Snorre Seim (Butti 49, Oslo)

We have long since discovered Scrimshire’s talent, but it has to be said that ‘I Was Love’ is simply a beautiful song.
Santiago Tadeo Cervera (, Spain)

Scrim just gets better and better. The Rapson remix is just solid, love it. And ‘I was love’ …was lovely… Sammy Goulbourne (The Other Side Radio Show, Birmingham)

Top tunes! Phil Levene (

I Was Love – nu-jazz pearl of the last decade, cannot wait for 45’s but must wait. it will stay in my bag for a long time. Ohhh, looking forward to test it for our ladies …. DJ Laurel (Minsk, Belarus)

Rapson remix is dooope! Love it. Contender for next radioshow. M-Path-IQ (Berlin, Germany)

Another soulful Marc Rapson remix masterpiece that blows me away again and again !! will definitely support !!! Markus Milz (Further In Fusion)

Loving both these tracks, winner for me is the Marc Rapson remix, gonna get heavy rotation on the show over the next few weeks. King Tee (Elbow Rooms)

Two absolute killers! Greg Clifford (Son Of Soul)

Brilliant release, will play on the radio & in the club. Rick Parry (Funkbeatsjazzradio)

Radio play from Kev Beadle, Solar Radio; Trevor Parkee, Australia; Michael Stukes, WHCR, New York; Phil Levene (, Menno Jager (Sound Of Swound) and Phil Horneman on, Holland.

In other Scrimshire related news, Adam has been nominated for remix of 2009, newcomer of 2009, and The Wah Wah Christmas EP (which featured him along side Stac and The Annabel Lee Trio) was nominated for Best EP of 2009 on the Acid Jazz hispano website. You can register for free and vote for Scrimshire here

2 thoughts on “SCRIMSHIRE / THE LOW ROAD 7″ :: Featuring Marc Rapson remix

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  2. Nick Gray says:

    Loved the original and this remix of ‘The Low Road’. Similar in lyrics only – though equal in goodness! Here’s to enjoying even more strength-in-depth to the Wah Wah 45 canon in 2011…. Nick, The Emancipation Show

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