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Wah Wah 45s are proud to present their debut release from vocalist, keyboard player, producer and afrobeat giant Dele Sosimi!

Born in Hackney, East London, but soon to return to his parents’ native Nigeria at the age of four, Dele was schooled and raised in Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s shadow at the height of early 70s afrobeat. Having been chosen by Fela to join his band at somewhat of a tender age, he was still a young man when sharing Fela’s Glastonbury stage in 1984, and became both Musical Director for both Fela’s Egypt 80 and Femi Kuti’s Positive Force.

All Nighters

After Fela’s passing in 1997, Dele went on to concentrate on his own solo career and, with diligent patience, carved out his own afrobeat crown. In London, where he now resides, his Afrobeat Vibration all-nighters are charged with his passion, labours and his unrelenting spirit and deliver Fela classics alongside his own compositions from his first two studio albums, Turbulent Times, and Identity.

This new single, Sanctuary, marks a new era in Dele’s musical story. Recorded, mixed and produced by Nostalgia 77 (Tru Thoughts) and featuring most of his regular Afrobeat Orchestra members, it’s the first taste of what’s to come with his third long-player due for release on Wah Wah 45s in the spring of 2015. With an organic, urgent afro-funk sound, combined with Nostalgia 77’s perfectly pitched production, it’s sure to make it worth the wait.

London’s afrobeat king is coming to party and you’re all welcome to join in!


 “I absolutely love that. It’s Wonderful. This is a fantastic tune!” Guy Garvey (BBC 6Music, UK)

“Joyous and totally uplifting, the afrobeat legend Dele Sosimi” Chris Hawkins (BBC 6Music, UK)

“London’s afrobeat catalyst” Songlines Magazine

“Sounds like classic already, so glad we’re gonna get some more of Dele Sosimi ! Legend. 4/5” Simbad (DJ, Brownswood, Worldwide UK)

“WHOA! Big big tune, loving this. 5/5” Tom Lowe (RTE Radio, Ireland)

“Really great tune will be supporting this!” Lance Ferguson (ABC Double J ‘Sky High’ Radio Show, Australia)

“WOOOOHOOOO! 5/5” Allan Skov (DJ, Denmark)

“Proper! Absolute fire! 4/5” Aly Gillani (DJ Gilla, First Word Records, UK)

“Lovely. 4/5” Kid Fonque (DJ South Africa)

“Very nice indeed 4/5” Jenny Zienau  (CCC, UK)

“This is lovely!” Steve Nickolls (Futureboogie, UK)

“Definitely will play it on my next show Wednesday :)” Gregoire  (Teru, French Toast Music / Radio Campus, France)

“Delightful afrobeat tune from WahWah45s vault with this Dele Sosimi ‘Sanctuary’ ! ” Quiet Dawn & Dandy Teru (French Toast Music, France)

“Nice funky stuff Luke Bolton, 4/5” Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic (OtticFM and Alooga Media, Germany)

“Loving this, been keen to hear what he pulled out the bag for Wah Wah & this does not disappoint! Proper authentic afrobeat sound with modern production values, top notch!” Bolts (Original Cultures/Fly High Society/So Flute/Select & Connect, UK)

“Will definitely be playing this one out, nice addition to your roster guys!” Tom Mannix (DJ, Canada)

“Going straight into tonight’s show on Q Star Radio” Dave Milligan (Round At Milligan’s radio show, UK)

“INCREDIBLE. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY BABY. 5/5 ” DJ Jimmy Mac (The soul Purpose Radio Show, Australia)

“Funkiee as! (-: 5/5” Sattamann (Real Roots, 22Tracks, UK)

“Great afro beat with a Fela voice on a jazzy tip. top!! 5/5” Robert Lochmann aka DJ Jazzmadass (Radio X, Germany)

“Afro beat at its best! London Afro Beat King! 5/5” Chris Ex (Musica-re blog / Up’n’loud radio / Soul magazine /, Germany)

“Uplifting to the max !!!!! 5/5” Aja (Ketch A Vibe, UK)

“Excellent! Hot Hot Hot Cheers, Xav. 4/5” Azaxx (Tru Thoughts, France)

“It makes me dance!” Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera (Gru Radio (TO) Radio Fujiko (BO), Italy)

“Lovely stuff, supporting this all way. Tight production as you’d expect! Well done Wah Wah. 5/5” Tom Central (Soundcrash/Keep Up! Records/VCR, UK)

“Great tracks. Will play for sure! 4/5” Mennert (Rupert & Mennert, Compost, Netherlands)

“Love this typical afro funk with spirited lyrics and original afrocentric horns. Thanks very much” Fitzroy da Buzzboy (Soundfusion radio, UK)

“Taught by a master ,delivered like a master. 4/5” Paul ‘ABBO’Abbott (, UK)

“Wonderful, full support!” Georgios Paroglou (Dj/Label manager, Greece)

“Classic afro beat madness at it´s best! FULL support. 4/5” Tom Wieland (Music Lova, Austria)

“Very good. Got a nice funky groove will go down well. 4/5” David Cullen (Oban Fm, UK)

“Dele is the man, the torch bearer. This is a sublime and essential piece of music! 5/5” Mike Chadwick (Jazz FM, UK)

“Cool for the dancefloor and for driving, smooth for radio listening” Guy Sauve (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada)

“The Afro Dogs!” The True Jazzchild (, Spain)

“This is really good. 4/5” Kev Beadle (Solar Radio, UK)

“Very nice!!” Hector Pizarro (Chile con mix radio show, Dj resident/Producer, France)

“Love it! Fresh Afrobeat. Thanks. Will give it some radio support. 4/5” Paris Pompor (Sydney Morning, Herald/Fairfax Digital/ 2SER 107.3/ Eastside 89.7/Various DJ residencies, Australia)

“Love the Funky Afro rhythms! 5/5” Sam Allen  (Stellar Inflight Radio & Eastside 89.7FM Presenter, Australia)

“Nice nice. Will support.” Toshio Matsuura (TOKYO MOON on InterFM, Japan)

“Music is my sanctuary, for reasons like this …. 5/5” Dj toon (Eastside radio, 45 sessions , Funkdafied, Australia)

“Can’t wait for the vinyl… And the Album!  5/5” Fritz (DJ, Radio, Germany)

“Toimiii!” Dj Bunuel (Radio Helsinki, Radio YLE1, Finland)

“Straight up killer Afrobeat. Dele Sosimi is the realest player in the game out there, and with Nostalgia 77 on the production you know all his groove is going to stand out just the way it should. 4/5” Roni Fialkow (Pop Lock / KZ Radio / Walla! Culture, Israel)

“Sweet” Dj Kwak (Fm Brussel / Focus-Vif / Strictly Niceness, Belgium)

“Might have to play this out on Saturday… 4/5” Kier Wiater Carnihan (Record-Play, UK)

“Great single!! can’t wait for the album, 4/5” Skevitz (Supagroovalistic, France)

“So pure and natural Afro vibes! Love it too much. 5/5” Dobo Marzov (Radio Varna, Bulgaria)

“What an excellent tune – close your eyes and we’re back in the 70s. 4/5” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul radio show, UK)

“I am a fela kuti super fan. This is one of the best tracks I have heard this year without a doubt in my mind. 5/5” Andy Sharp (Stomp radio, UK)

“Very happy to sea Dele on Wah wah… great song. 4/5” Niksa Dragolin (Radio host, Croatia)

“Very groovy afrobeat bizznizz. Like it a lot! Great work.” Peter Mclennan (Dubdotdash blog, BaseFM, New Zealand)

“Feeling it Baby!” Mick Farrer  (Solar Radio, UK)

“Great to hear new Dele after seeing him live at the Jazz Cafe. 4/5″ Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK)

‘This is a great tune! Looking forward to the album!” Rasmus Gustafsson (, Sweden)

“Download for OpenLab Playlist Consideration. 4/5” Robert Miles (OpenLab FM, Spain)

“Great afro funk by one of the legend of the genre. 4/5” Javi Frias (, Spain)

“Love it, the real deal. Right behind this one :)Keep it comin’ x. 4/5” Dope Johnny Reckless (Club various/Colourful Radio, UK)

“Great vibe. I will be adding to rotation. Thanks.” Jesse De La Pena (Vocalo Radio Chicago, USA)

“Loving the backing vocals on this quality slice of afro-funk” Phil Levene (Eclectic Jazz/Starpoint radio/back2backfm/Soulm8 e-zine, UK)

“Pure Gold!!!! 5/5” Byron Fenix (Radio Station, USA)

“Great afrobeat! 4/5” Jon McCulloch (Eastside Radio, Australia)

“Fluid & authentic Fela vibes – great track too” Alan Gubby (Buried Treasure Records, UK)

“I like this one !!! 4/5” Mark Milz (Radio Corax, Germany)

“Cor! That’s woke me up 1st thing this morning. Hard hitting and in your face! Great production, naturally. Lovely. Cheers. 5/5” Mickey Duke  (1 Brighton FM, UK)

“Fela!!!!!!! 4/5” Found Sounds (DJ Magazine, UK)

“Fantastic, afrobeats from the City!” Ivan Mera (Higher Street radio show, Spain)

“This is fantastico amigos! 5/5” Seaorlobo Lovemonk (Radio Gladys / Lovemonk, Spain)

“Full support… 4/5” Phat Phil Cooper (NuNorthern Soul blog and podcast, Indonesia)

“Afro Beat at it’s finest Love. 4/5” Shep Kennedy (Back2Back FM, UK)

“Great stuff. Authentic afro sound! 4/5” Chris Read (BBE, UK)

“Good grooves. 5/5” David Bassin (FreeFall / KUSF , USA)

“Excellent release. Full support from me!! 5/5″Diesler (Tru Thoughts / Freestyle / Here & Now / You Dig?, UK)

“Outstanding! Can’t wait for the LP…serious moves. 5/5” Ross Wakfield (Hideout Sessions/Part-Time Heroes, UK)

“After seeing Dele on the Finding Fela documentary and hearing about this project, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release and I’m not disappointed. This is about as authentic as modern Afrobeat can be. Amazing production, great lyrics! Cant wait for the album next year…. 5/5” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, UK)

“Instrumental is the one for me ! Looking forward to hearing this on a proper system, rather than on my laptop :-)” The Reflex (, UK)

“Like a breathe of fresh air. 4/5” Olly Love (Asian Hawk, The Disablists, United Kingdom)

“Heavy! 4/5” Chris Knight (Astrojazz, UK)

“SUPERB! ***** 5/5” Sven Thomschke ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio Z 95.8, Germany)

“Great one! Need this on Vinyl 🙂 5/5” Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes, Germany)

“Great, melodic funky and accessible tune. Can’t get enough. 5/5” Rob Wood (Music Concierge, UK)

“Ace single !!! 5/5” Sim Morin (Rcm Groovalizacion, France)

“A classic sounding slice of Afro goodness and with production by one of my have artists Nostalgia 77, you ain’t go wrong. Will be getting a play in my sets and in my Mixcloud Podcasts. Wicked release! 5/5” DJ Mr Lob (Radio Show/Dj, Australia)

“Proper afrobeat soul. 4/5” Jamal Ahmad (WCLK 91.9fm, USA)

“Big up for the great music!” Robert Lochmann (Radio X, Frankfurt)

“Original afro beat tune which keeps very much to it’s inventors – more then being innovator to a true genuine sound.” Oliver Korthals (The Mojo Radio Show, Germany)

“Sosimi proves he can carry the torch that he helped light with Fela and continue to have it lit in the present day. A massive talent.” DJ Prestige, (USA)

“Nice track!” Fitzroy The Buzzboy (Soul Survivors, UK)

“Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Follow them we will. No need to ask twice. Classic tongue rolling dominant force of the man like Dele on this essential side. I need a copy of this 7” to play out loud but I’ll need to talk nice to the Wah Wah 45s stable and perhaps blow volcano smoke from Nigeria’s Biu Plateau up their arses!” Baz Hickey (Dublin, Ireland)

“I love the rhythm, the sounds, the tonality, and the chord sequences that are emphasised here. This track is on the ‘Top of the Hill’ in terms of Afro-beat tracks for 2014. In Nigeria they would say ‘Enugu’ ” Drew Williams (CKUT, Montreal, Canada)

Dele Sosimi – Sanctuary

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