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Having given us one of the most successful album releases in the Wah Wah catalogue with their eponymous debut over 18 months ago now, Bristol siblings in jazz the Colman Brothers have finally succumbed to the remix project we’ve all been waiting for, and what a project it is!

The brothers’ sophisticated style and penchant for 60s latin influenced jazz by the likes of Horace Silver and Francy Bolland has been brought right up-to-date by some of the most heavyweight producers around, and a few new names to watch.

Up and coming beat-maker from Caracas, Venezula, Jimmy Flamante kicks things off in a low slung style akin to producer of the moment Tall Black Guy, who also features with his typically laid back re-working of one of the original album’s highlights. Elsewhere, latin specialist Sunlightsquare drops a 4/4 version of “Some Other Wonder” that’s aimed strictly at the dance floor, as does the mysterious Bman, and newcomers Skinshape impress with a dubbed out take of  the very cheeky “Momo”.

Look out for Herma Puma’sre-imagination of “The Chief”, taking it directly back to its B-Movie roots, as well as the popular interpretation by our very own Part-Time Heroes. And don’t forget label mate/boss Scrimshire who also weighs in with a sultry remix of “She Who Dares” and beat heads Frameworks, whose version of “El Nino” will keep lovers of both hip hop and jazz happy in equal measure.

Add to that sublime mixes from UK legends Easy Access Orchestra and The Herbaliser, NYC’s Greenwood Rhythm Coalition, Hamburg’s Renegades Of Jazz and of course, Bristol’s very own Colman Brothers themselves, and you’ve got an international selection of the highest order!



“Really pleased to see that London label Wah Wah 45s has put together an album of remixes from one of my favourite bands, the Colman Brothers! They’ve also chosen some of the finest remixes on that latin/jazz tip… can’t praise it highly enough! Go out and buy it!!!” Craig Charles (BBC 6Music, 6Music)

“Tall Black Guy is the remix I like the best so I’ll be giving this a spin all the various Flomotion shows!” Nick Luscombe (Flomotion, BBC Radio 3, UK)

“One of the deciding features of any remix album is its ability to stand apart from its source album. A remix album might be enjoyable, but only so because of the new twist it puts on songs that are already favourites. For a really good remix album, you should be able to enjoy without knowing the original album, knowledge of the original should just add an auxiliary pleasure. Colman Brothers Remixed is such a remix album. Having produced one of the best modern jazz albums for ages in the form of their eponymous 2012 album, it’s remixed counter-part continues to give in substantial quantities; incredibly diverse, never dull and so unassumingly compelling it hurts, Colman Brothers Remixed is a true joy to listen to. This is a remix album that’s as good value for money as the original. 8/10” (UK)

“Mover of the week” Soul Seduction (Germany)

“Thanks for these. The two that jump out for me are the Easy Access and Tall Black Guy remixes. I’m sure I’ll be able to play them out at some point for you.” Hint (Tru Thoughts, UK)

“Good one !  Wonder how it sounds at the club.  Thx !” Rogall (Micatone, Sonar Kollektiv, Germany)

“Love this! (Sunlightsquare Remix)” Dr. Rubberfunk (UK)

“Cool collection.” Josef Sedlon (Radio 1, Czech Republic)

“Love the Tall Black Guy remix from the tracks I hear. Great selection!! Putting it in my next DJ mix & show!!” Diesler (UK)

“Remember some of these cuts previously, good to hear again and also to hear the new ones. Played the Scrimshire remix on the show last night. Sounding great!” Jason Pulaski (KUCI FM, Ubiquity Records, USA)

“Lovely set of remixes – Scrimshire brilliant as usual, and i loved the Herma Puma and Jimmy Flamante works a lot!” Quiroga (Really Swing, Italy)

“Just to let you know, I’ve been playing the album all week and it’s awesome! Lots of different styles on there, but all up my street! I have added one to the 22Tracks list and it should be live tomorrow.” Nick Armitage (22 Tracks, UK/Holland)

“I love this album! Playing it over my radio show tonight” Antonino Musco (Party 934, USA)

“What a nice remix album this is. Can’t get enough of this band. My faves are the Frameworks, Tall Black Guy, Sunlightsquare, Rhythm & Brass and of course The Herbaliser remixes.” Phil Wicked Jazz Sounds (Holland)

“Lots of great re-works for every eclectic DJ set! Easy Access Orchestra, Tall Black Guy, Sunlightsquare and Renegades of Jazz did marvelous work!” Cesare Cera (Mighty Black Wax / Irma Records, Italy)

“I like Frameworks, TBG and Herma Puma mixes 😉 Renegades of Jazz and Scrimmers ones are both lovely too!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“Thanks heaps for the download, really digging the remixes! Spun a few tracks on my show ‘The New Thing’ this morning on Eastside 89.7FM in Sydney, check out the blog here: ” Sammy Al (Eastside Radio 89.7FM, Australia)

“Wow… Wonderful music and different of course, which is what I expect from your guys!! Loving ‘On A Better Day’ – Tall Black Guy rmx, ‘She Who Dares’- Scrimshire rmx and of course ‘Some Other Wonder’ – Sunlightsquare rmx.” Johnny Reckless (Colourful Radio, UK)

“Fresher than fresh, lovin’ it!” Georgios Paroglou (It’s just music, Greece)

“Thanks a lot for the great remix-album from the COLMAN BROTHERS!! An amazing remix package, I nominated all tracks from #1-15 for my radioshow, so it will be hard to select only a few… 😉 I think my top favourites are the remixes by Renegades Of Jazz and Herbaliser. However, 15 remix-pearls! 10/10 points!” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio, Germany)

“Top album  – right up my street. My immediate favorites are the El Nino tracks but will be playing it all in the coming weeks. Started with the Greenwood cut of El Nino last week” John Cush (Generation Radio, UK)

“Nice nice nice!! Full support! I’ll play it this week!” Hector Pizarro (Chile Con Mix, France)

“Massive package….Tall Black Guy and Herma Puma for the win !!!” Markus Milz (Further in Fusion, Germany)

“Excellent remixes here, looking forward to spinning them on air!” DJ Mark Reynolds (Fresh927, Australia)

“Great album guys. Liking all the “El Nino” remixes and also “Some Other Wonder”. DJ Abbo (Starpoint Radio, UK)

“Wowsers! This is the best and most entertaining album i have heard for ages, let alone the best remix album.
Every thing i heard on this has been played out! Great work!!” Mickey Duke (Mile wide smile club, Brighton UK)

“Overall the release flowed really well and it is a good listen. I like the collection of remixes chosen (nice variety of styles in there while not losing that jazzy feel) and how it’s arranged (flows well). Excellent release. I look forward to supporting some of these on future shows.” DJ Nelson Ramalho (UK)

Radio support from The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show (BBC 6Music); Huey Morgan (BBC 6Music); Nick Luscombe (BBC Radio 3); Andrej Tschitschil, (PTH remix); David Bassin (, USA); Markus Milz (Radio Corax, Germany); Dr. Best (Radio Z, Germany); Sammy Al (Eastside Radio 89.7FM, Australia); Jason Pulaski (Innamissions, Kuci 88.9fm, USA); Mans Stromberg (Radio Helsinki, Finland); Dave Bassin (, San Fransisco, USA); Robert Lochmann, Jazzmadass Radio (Germany); Phil Levene (Starpoint Radio / Back2Back FM, UK)