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Warm & Captivating Live Sound

Wah Wah 45s are proud to present a live EP from Resonators, recorded at Brighton Electric studios. The band’s mission? Showcasing their journey so far and getting ready for what’s to come, as well as presenting their special, warm and captivating live sound.

The authenticity of the sound was aided by long-time collaborator, dub master Darren ‘Jamtone’ Mathers, who has transported most of his studio down from London, for he always mixes the dub live, lending awe and spontaneity to the sound. Resonators also adorned the walls with the magnificent artworks of the man who is responsible for their eye-catching visual identity, Jim Sanders.

Brand New Music

The result is a fusion of all the core ingredients that form the band personality of Resonators. This collection of tracks forms a retrospective of the group’s back catalogue, whilst also premiering a brand new track, Soul Connection, as well as previously unreleased versions music from their releases.

It is the purpose of this EP to convey the energy of Resonators as a live performance, one that differentiates from a typical studio sound. This, combined with the live videos that documented the session at Electric, laden with the artwork of Jim Sanders, means that this new release creates a deeper audio-visual experience.
Resonators will be celebrating the release of Live at Electric in London, at the prestigious Jazz Cafe, on May 10th.













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