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Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the brand new single from one-man horn driven funk music machine, The Gene Dudley Group.

Following on from last year’s debut long-player, and a run of gigs and festivals with his band, including touring Europe as Stones Throw artists Myron & E’s new backing band, Gene Dudley returns with a taste of things to come and his first ever vocal offering on 7-inches of wax.

Real Flavour

Those vocals come courtesy of London singer and erstwhile DJ, the wonderfully monikered Anne Frankenstein, whose contribution to Gene’s canny cover of Richard “Groove” Holmes’ classic No Trouble On The Mountain is something of a floor filler and a rather fitting release in Wah Wah 45s’ fifteenth year, as Holmes’ original was one of the label’s first ever 7-inch releases!

On the flip comes the first real flavour of Gene’s forthcoming sophomore LP, due to drop (on vinyl too!) this November. Stevie Flare is a much more up-tempo and foot friendly affair than previously outings, and has something of a tropical feel courtesy of warm highlife style guitars as well as those trademark Gene Dudley horns.

Look out for the Gene Dudley Group live band playing at a venue near you this autumn, including a special session at London’s Jazz Cafe on October 24th for none other than BBC 6Music’s funk & soul ambassador, Craig Charles!


 “Wonderful!” New To 2 Feature – Craig Charles (BBC Radio 2, UK)

“No Trouble! 4/5” Jeremy Sole (KCRW / theLIFT, USA)

“SUPERB! SIMPLY SUPERB!!!!!!! 5/5” Simon Hodge (Producer for The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, BBC 6Music, UK)

“YEEEESSSS from the first tone on! Super cover version. Haven’t you done a 7inch with the original way back when? Still got that !” Michael Ruetten (Soul Searching, Germany)



“COOL COVER OF THIS WAH WAH CLASSIC. 5/5” Allan Skov (Friendly PR, Denmark)

“Lovely little 2 sider from GDG. Loved the afro-highlife feeling on Stevie Flare. A perfect accompaniment to the Indian summer we’re now having. 4/5″ DJ Kappa (Brighton, UK)

“Deliciously groovy! 4/5” Francesco Adinolfi (Radio2 Rai, Manifesto newspaper, Italy)

“Great funky tune, perfect for my radio show!” Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK)

“Killer! Good to have GD back! 4/5” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“Cool version of this classic! Love the original and like this cover too. Good to hear it again in a fresh outfit with a surprising voice. 4/5” Oliver Korthals (Mojo Club, Germany)

“The Man can do no wrong in our eyes. 5/5” DJ Jimmy Mac (The Soul Purpose Radio Show, Australia)

“Great for our morning playlist. Thanks! 4/5” Robert Miles (OpenLab Radio, UK)

“Great stuff, thank you. 5/5” Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic (Alooga & OtticFM Radio, Germany)

“I’m digging this Stevie Flare track. thanks.” Jon Oliver (Main Ingredient Radio, USA)

“Great soul-funk. I really like it and will put in our sets! 4/5” Rupert & Mennert (Weird Pigs, Compost, Netherlands)

“Groovy, Funky, Souly simply brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5” DJ Aja (Ketch a Vibe, UK)

“Great! 4/5” Adam tait (Shout4music, UK)

“Need it in my DJ Bag… 4/5” Fritz (,”DJ Club & Radio, Germany)

“I really felt in love with Gene Dudley some months (or even years?) ago and I can’t help myself but love him even more and more. It’s just great. It’s not just retro, it is the future coming through the backdoor of the past. Somehow strange, somehow great. 4/5” Christoph Moeller (, WDR 5, Germany)

“Played No Trouble already in my show, fabulous track. i like everything Gene Dudley Group does. Keep on and many thanks. 5/5″ Robert Lochmann aka DJ Jazzmadass (Radio X, Frankfurt Germany)

“Huge cover! 4/5” Chris X (Up’n’Loud Radio, Germany)

“Nice tracks – really like the quality of Anne’s vocals on the Mountain tune too.” Paris Pompor (Groovescooter/Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax Digital/ 2SER 107.3/ Eastside 89.7/Various DJ residencies,Australia)

“Cool retro stuff, will support” Josef Sedlon (Radio1 Prague, Czech Republic)

“Will be programmed onto Virgin Australia’s ‘Big Band’ Radio Show for Dec-Jan. 4/5” Sam Allen (Stellar Inflight Radio & Eastside 89.7FM Presenter (Sydney), Australia0

“This group is going from strength to strength with each release! 4/5” DJ Toon (Eastside Radio , ,Australia)

“Big double like a fountain! Loving the cover version! 4/5” Renegades Of Jazz (Agogo Records / Mojo Club,Germany)

“Nice pkg here. FUNKYYYYY!” Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM NY, USA)

“Great funky grooves. Gene Dudley Group smash it again. Stevie Flare is a soul stomper, love the brass. Looking forward to the new album. Tell the band to come and play in NZ at the end of the year, hit the (southern hemisphere) summer festivals and get a suntan!” Peter McLennan (Radio BaseFM, Dubdotdash music blog, New Zealand)

“I definitely dig “”No Trouble..”” best, very funky I was grooving as soon as I heard it, but they’re both really good” Mike Schwab / EXTRACTion Jackson (The Good Stuff NYC / MUSIC CHOICE TV, USA)

“Top notch single right here. Love both these tracks! 5/5” Jeff Fellows aka Dj Strangefellow aja dj JEF DAM(Australia)

“Loving the timely Northern Soul vibe… ” Chris Greenwood aka Madera Verde (Mi Soul, SMS, SOAS Radio, Bedroom Bar, UK)

“Top stuff, really looking forward to the forthcoming album now! 4/5” Dave Fortune (My First Moth Records, UK)

“One my new long time favourite bands. 4/5” Dj.Bunuel (Radio Helsinki, Finland)

“Cool one! 4/5” Markus Milz (Germany)

“2 nice tracks on this single, No Trouble On The Mountain is my favourite. 4/5″ Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best (Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg, Germany)

“Really quite good 😀 4/5” “2014-09-09 16:40:43” Asian Hawk (The Disablists – 5x DMC dj champions, UK)

“Solid versions! I prefer Stevie Flare as No Trouble is one of my untouchable holy jazz groove classics.” Tom Wieland (Les Gammas, 7 Samurai, Austria)

“Both quality tracks, Stevie Flare slightly wins for me, which is rare as I usually prefer vocal tracks.” Aldo Vanucci (UK)

“Wowwwww, always something for the hips, the Gene Dudley. 4/5” Andrej (ByteFM,Germany)

“Funky. Melodic. Fresh. Positive. Love it. 5/5″ Dobo Marzov” (The “”45 RPM”” radio show on Radio Varna – part of the Bulgarian National Radio,Bulgaria)

“GOSH ! Come quick in France… 5/5” SyMorin (,RCM – Groovalizacion, France)
No Trouble on The Mountain will go on my next radio show. Peace!” Cesare Cera (Black Mighty Wax, Irma, Italy)

“Someone really, really loves to play his horn. And someone really, really loves to play it well. That someone is Gene Dudley.” DJ Baz Hickey (Ireland)


The Best 2014-The Craig Charles Charles Funk and Soul show (BBC 6 Music, UK)

Craig  Charles (BBC 6Music, UK)

Jeremy Sole (KCRW, USA)

Openlab FM (Spain)

Andy Sharp (No Pressure, UK)

David Bassin (Free Fall, KUSF, San Francisco)