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A Shift In Perspective

Having released “Favourite Worry”, their critically acclaimed sophomore album and first for independent label Wah Wah 45s, in 2015, the band are able to trace the seeds of the latest LP back to their recording sessions with producer Paul Butler (Andrew Bird, Michael Kiwanuka, Nick Waterhouse) almost five years ago, blending elements of soul, funk and rock together to create their own unique sound, inspired by some of their favourite artists such as Bill Withers, Traffic and the Isley Brothers.

“I can’t wait to hear you write songs that look outward” – these words from Paul subconsciously had a lasting impression on the band. To atone for more inward-looking sentiments on “Favourite Worry”, there had to be a shift in perspective.

Impassioned Conversation

During the formative stages of the new album The Milk started pursuing a Nichiren Buddhist practice. The values and principles they discovered during this have informed every aspect of the record.

“We wanted to write an album that looked outside of the walls, to people, society and the environment – embracing real freedom in musical expression by utilising more complex rhythmic structures, extended harmony and dissonance to paint an original and authentic-sounding record” explains

If their debut, “Tales from the Thames Delta”, was inspired by hedonism and “Favourite Worry” by introspection, “Cages” is an impassioned conversation with the world. Racism and division are all on the rise. British society is being pulled apart by forces that seek to divide us and rip the compassion and empathy from our minds and hearts. We have become distracted from the more urgent challenges of boundless consumerism, climate change, and the mental health emergency reeking havoc on our streets.

Change The World

We are the birds in the cage, tied by cheap thrills and fake news to a limited world vision that is no longer fit for purpose. The good news? We can all choose to challenge this view.

“Cages” is equal parts the dark black shadow of how far we’ve fallen and the blazing sunlight whose rays of hope can still change the world.

Four life-long friends, Ricky Nunn (vocals), Mitch Ayling (drums) Luke Ayling (bass) and Dan Le Gresley (guitar) formed their first band when they were still at school in Essex, playing countless working men’s clubs, and finally became The Milk.

The band have built up a following of dedicated fans around the UK, which has resulted in them selling out venues such as Scala, Koko and Shepherds Bush Empire. Keen to get back on the road where they feel most at home and where the guys really shine, the band offer up a compelling set of diverse styles, matched with an ability to effortlessly intertwine songs together, gives their music a continuous feel to it.



Trevor Hodgett • ROCK N REEL ★★★★

Cages shows them to be a class, creative and soulful quartet whose song arrangements are impressively subtle. 

Neil Hodge • Louder Than War

The Milk release their third album, Cages, and in doing so gain a new fan. They won over this doubter with their widely acclaimed suavely graceful jazz-infused soulful funk-rock.

Lee Tyler • Blues & Soul 10/10

This album is high octane soul at it’s best! In short, if you want a band with authentic soul coursing through its veins and with genuine edge, then look no further than The Milk.

Dave Esson • The Daily Express ★★★★

A vital and vigorous album… A focus that has developed from their fine second LP Favourite Worry. 

The Daily Mirror ★★★

The Essex soul boys maintain their bright eyed, loafer wearing cool…an attractive advance on their sound without losing the spirit.

Radcliffe & Marconie • BBC 6Music

The Milk are one of those bands we like a lot and think should be bigger than they are.

Huey Morgan • BBC 6Music

“I love these cats, man… The album we’ve been waiting for, and waiting for… They are one of my favourite bands. 

John Kennedy • Radio X

Sounding as great as ever.

Mention Neil McCormick • The Daily Telegraph • 25 January 2020

Huey Morgan • BBC 6Music

About ‘You Make Me Love’: “Man, I didn’t want that song to end… That is definitely my meat of the week – maybe my meat of the month. If this network knows what’s up you’ll be hearing a lot more of that… Thank you, The Milk. What a track – changed my morning!” 

T Bones Records • Mississippi, USA

“With new Soul bands like Holy Hive, it is exhilarating to hear these explorers simply go their own way. The Milk do not depend on the construction and conceits of classic Soul. On “Time Don’t Cost Enough,” the quintet are content with their stinging groove and let it percolate in their Jazz-soaked chords. The anticipation of other parts brews under the track until they finally release it in the middle. A ballad for The Milk is a chance to brood as opposed to merely showcase their skills. The tense and tough “Broken Sky” even has the vocalist moving away from the microphone just before its massive chorus.  The Milk are an elegant new group with a definite writing style and a pattern of developing ideas that bodes well for them. “Cages” feels like that late-night Soul album you need to cool down after all these hot August days.”

You Make Me Love – Huey Show • BBC 6Music

Colours – Now Playing • BBC6 Music

Colours – Breakfast Show • BBC6 Music  

Colours – Desert Island Disco • BBC6 Music

You Make Me Love – Dr. Best • Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg/Germany

Colours – Dr. Best • Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg/Germany

Colours – Black Radio Berlin


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