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The sixth instalment of the Allo Love series is our first collective effort, coming as it does from the combined musical mind of Leeds / London based electronica outfit Paper Tiger. We could bang on about how this is our favourite Allo Love compilation so far; how it contains more exclusive tracks than any of its predecessors and how it’s an almost seamless journey through melodic downtempo and dance floor delights, but we thought we’d let Greg Surmacz from the band explain for himself!

“We were honoured and delighted to be asked to curate this release – the label has such a diverse and high-quality catalogue that narrowing down our choices was a tough process. However, one of Wah Wah 45s’ defining characteristics is always pushing forward, always innovating: so in that spirit, we decided to compile as much brand new music as possible for the album and make it a ‘family and friends’ affair.

Exclusive Tracks

There’s an exclusive new Paper Tiger song; a debut release for our bassist Sam Vicary’s amazing Hunrosa project; a debut by Chrome Glaciers (my new project with fellow Yorkshire artist Bambooman); new music from our DJ/producer Adam Radley (aka Vital) and frontman Raphael Attar, plus exclusive tracks from some of our favourite new producers. The catalogue picks are also a nod to the Wah Wah music which has influenced us – Bonobo, Dele Sosimi, Gene Dudley and a mega blast of Kanye from Scrimshire’s monstrous Hackney Colliery Band edit.

Most importantly of all, we wanted the release to hang together, to feel like a coherent album that illustrates our taste as musicians and listeners. Hopefully we’ve achieved this and produced something which provides an insight into all of our work, but can be enjoyed on its own terms!”


“Super dope release!” Inkswel, BBE Records / Hot Shot Sounds / Planet Self Radio (Australia)

“In my top 10 of the year for SURE!!!” Michael Stukes, Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM NY (United States)

“A great insight into a quality label.” Sam Allen, Stellar Inflight (Australia)

“Very nice!!” Hector Pizarro, Chile con mix (France)

“Great work!” Georgios Paroglou, Label Manager/DJ (Greece)

“Love the Paper Tiger track.” Amrisha, Radar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Another brillant full range selection, many thanks.” Robert Lochmann, radio producer at Radio X, freelance DJ (Germany)

“I always love the eclectic set of sounds coming from the Wah Wah 45s headquarters, wrapped in a Allo Love package. Sullen Prospector is the favorite track on this 6th volume.” Xander, Royal Groove Webradio (Netherlands)

“Nicely put together selection. The Modified Man remix of You No Fit is superb and a new one. Thanks.” Chris Greenwood, MI SOUL, SOAS RADIO, BEDROOM BAR, SMS (United Kingdom)

“I’m impressed with the material that comes from Wah Wah. Consistently good quality stuff.” DJ Osric, RTR FM (Australia)

“Love Hunrosa!” Electric Brother, Retroelectro Radio Show (Romania)

“Great tracks!” DJ Angola, Space NYC, 1OAk S. Hamptop, Deckstatic, Zoo (United States)

“Yes! Spoiling me, innit??!! Thanks again cocka’s. Cheers.” Mickey Duke, 1 Brighton FM (United Kingdom)

“Another nice release form the Wah Wah 45s camp. After listening once, these are my personal highlights: One Thirty Three, Shoe Girl, Bugs in Amber. I’m sure more of them will get into my playlists.” Mr. Leenknecht, Chunks of Funk, Bruzz, Reform Radio (Belgium)

“Nice selections as ever. Aha!” DJ Gilla, First Word Records

“Lovely, thanks love.” Jim Lister, 1 Brighton FM (United Kingdom)

“Thank you!” DJ Groovera (United States)

“Very good quality, a lot to discover!!!! Creativity!!!”    Republik Kalakuta Baehler Swiss National Radio & TV,, (Switzerland)

“Loving it!” DJ Trew, Altered Tapes (United States)

“Here for Bastien Keb!!!” Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW (United States)

“Still my favorite compilation! Music choice in compilation totally resonates with me. You guys did great job on all of these Allo Love series! Thanks!” DJ Monsta, Radio SWH (Latvia)

“Top Comp. Wah Wah has the goods.” DJ Jimmy_Mac, The Switch Up Show, TNGC Radio (Australia)

“Excellent collection.” Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic, otticFM & Alooga Media (Germany)

“A really hot selection of tracks here from the Paper Tiger guys, so much quality to choose from, looking forward to sharing these on my show!!” Alan O’ Malley, Shoreditch Radio (United Kingdom)

“Every volume of ‘Allo Love’ is pure gold. Love you guys so much! And the Paper Tiger’s selection is a killer. Long live Wah Wah 45s!” Dobo Marzov, The „45 RPM” Radio Show, Radio Varna (Bulgaria)

“Nice eclectic sonding tracks, tight production.” Nicole Finnerty, Kane FM & Flex FM (United Kingdom)

“Love love love Allo Love.” Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (United Kingdom)

“Too much good stuff for an instant review, but lots of nice things to go through by the sound of first listens!” Bern Leckie, Chill (United Kingdom)

“Another fine selection.” DJ Toon, Eastside Funkdafied (Australia)

“Once again the Wah Wah team have delivered a great all round comp, stand out tracks are Hector Plimmer & Paper Tiger.” Shep Kennedy, Likwid (United Kingdom)

“Great work on this as always. Love the Chrome Glaciers thing.” Chris Read, BBE (United Kingdom)

“Cool cool cool selection of tracks. Thanks for sending.” Allan Skov, DJ (Denmark)

“Compilation starts with a bang! Although the tempo gets slower the quality is kept on the level. And Wahwah45s proves its standards!” Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club / >Out of spectrum< weekly @ (Germany)

“Nice release, thanks!” Sammy W, Tobus (Germany)

“Superb comp … bif up!!!” Mark Milz, „Further in Fusion” @ Radio Corax 95.9 (Germany)

“We have here a great package of tracks and Mixes/Remixes. Outstanding – Balls Bounce, Ransome, Murphy’s Law.” Lorenzo al Dino, Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Formentera, Ibiza Life Radio, Lust & leben Magazin (Spain)

“Wah Wah : Dangerous as usual…” Radio Krimi (France)

“Marvellous! Thank you Mr. Lots to be getting on with there.” Dan Wesker, Detektor FM (Germany)

“Great label, great artists, great series and have played many of these in my sets and mixtapes and will be adding all of the others!!” DJ Mr Lob, (Australia)

“Something for everyone! Some familiar titles here and also some new ones to me, will be playing selections on the show starting with Bastien Keb, Stac and Chrome Glaciers, thanks!” Jason Pulaski, innamissions radio / kuci 88.9fm (United States)

“Great album! I especially like Ransome & Ebor Basement! Thanks.” Jesse De La Pena, Vocalo Radio Chicago (United States)

“Perfect selection to enjoy the style of this amazing label.” Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera, Radio Fujiko 103, Radio Bologna Uno, Nu Lounge, Irma Fashion Radio (Italy)

“Can’t wait!” Christian Gamp, (Switzerland)

“Allo lovers of Allo Love – now on Vol. 6 – and this could be sub-titled, ‘The Yorkshire Edition’ as there’s a strong element of this county as Leeds based Paper Tiger have complied this collection of 15 tracks which includes a couple of their own and their remix of Gideon Conn’s ‘Crystallised’ which is a highlight.

As is Scrimshire’s remix of HCB’s ‘All Of The Lights’; OK Hackney is not particularly Yorkshire but this sounds Yorkshire of the ‘Norman bites Ya Legs’ strenght; put the kettle on!

Talking of remixes, anything that Modified Man has done so far is spot on; and add that to Dele Sosimi’s ‘You No Fit Touch Am’ and you know it’s a winner.  And remember  Stac’s ‘Balls Bounce’ as touched by Bonobo – great to hear it again.

Getting back to Paper Tiger, lovin’ ‘Resistance’ as it’s reminisent of TY’s early years whilst Paper Tiger’s Raphael Attar’s ‘Murphy’s Law’ gets rappin’ in the kitchen of couplets.  Then there’s their ‘Ebor Basement’ is another twist on Yorkshire as the release coincides with the 4-day Yorkshire Ebor meeting – and it’s a classic basement boogie free jazz [underground].  And more Paper Tiger side projects see’s Hunrosa mixing up some Asian flavours with a female vocalist; more new talent on Wah Wah 45s we hope.

Chrome Glaciers (also Yorkshire) is more the Cinematic Orchestra/Go Go Penguin side of jazz and if this is their sound, we want more.

Don’t know anything about Sullen Prospector but as a last track, it’s one to keep checking out [even if it’s ove 13mins long], Most Actual ‘Battery Life’ is another dreamy hybrid that’s hypnotising and vital; such is Vital’s ‘Sweet Android’ – sounds like we need to push to get that promised booking at Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, Leeds Leeds.

We do know about the always excellent Gene Dudley (‘Covered In Black’ sounding like it was made for this comp), Batien Keb (ex-One Handed) sounding funky fresh (is this new new?) and Hector Plimmer (ex-Brownswood) gettin’ dirty with some bugs biz revisited.

Easy to say that this is the best ‘Allo Love’ yet – all power to the WahWah 45s massive.

Many thanks again Dom & Adam for leading the way.” Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music, Jazz Chronicles and Secret Garden Party Radio’s Mixcloud Competition Winner 2015 (United Kingdom)

“Fantastic stuff as always!” Lowell Walbank, Reform Radio (United Kingdom)

“Thrilled by the GDGroup’s production.” Francesco Adinolfi, Rai Radio 1, Manifesto Newspaper (Italy)

“Really like the Hunrosa and Chrome Glaciers tracks as well as the Bastien Keb joint. Lots of nice stuff on here.” O.Love, Asian Hawk, The Disablists 5x DMC DJ Champions, (United Kingdom)

“..(as expected) a superb, diversified track selection… A very nice release!” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg (Germany)

“There a lot to wrap your ears around with this release, what I’ve heard so far is top notch and exciting – especially at a decent volume.” Phi Levene, Eclectic Jazz/Starpoint Radio/Likwid/Soulm8 e-zine/Club DJ various (United Kingdom)

“Really liked the Hunrosa track, but everything here is pretty great!” David Bassin, FreeFall/SFCR/Space Invader Radio (United States)

Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (United Kingdom)

Mark Milz, Further in Fusion, Radio Corax (Germany)

Bern Leckie, Chill (United Kingdom)

innamissions., KUCI 88.9fm (United States)

David Bassin, FreeFall Radio

Andy Williams, The Goods Radio Show (United Kingdom)

DJ Mr. Lob (Australia)

Expedition Radio Show, Dash Radio (USA)

Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg (Germany)

Andrew Haig, The Shizzle, Bay FM (Australia)


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