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Since their humble beginnings in a Wolverhampton suburban bedroom, Leeds-based hip hop, space jazz and bass-loving outfit Paper Tiger have carved their own niche in the electronic music scene, both as a heavyweight production outfit and as a damned fine live band (sharing stages with the likes of Jaga Jazzist, Rustie, Gaslamp Killer, Daedelus, Alice Russell, Amon Tobin and many more).

Following the release of Laptop Suntan, their debut long-player on Wah Wah 45s, last autumn, plus a couple of highly rated mixtapes and a plethora of live shows across the country, this multi-talented six-piece felt it was about time they allowed some of their most noteworthy peers a go at re-working some of the album’s finest moments.

Hefty Amount

Sultan Ant Pop isn’t just any old remix album though (nor is it just any old anagram) as it not only features re-versions from some of the UK’s finest producers such as LV, Murder He Wrote and Werkha, but also a hefty amount of original Paper Tiger music that has never before been released.

From Sam Redmore’s bass worrying take of Gundam Bling, to Scrimshire’s delicate tempo-changing remix of Crossover and new tracks such as [White’s Dream] and [Uh-Huh], this album (like much of Paper Tiger’s work) will simultaneously trouble dance floors and bedrooms alike! Appetite whetting stuff in anticipation of new material to come in 2015!


“Wow – I haven’t anything that sounds like this all year. 5/5” David Bassin (FreeFall / KUSF, United States)

“Do I really have to write this? I just wanna download it.” T-Bone (The Huey Show, BBC 6Music, UK)

“Loving the ‘And Then I Bounced Version’!” Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos / ABC Double J, Australia)

“It has been a long time since (I feel) an album has been compiled to listen to it from start to finish. This certainly is one of those albums. It really is all “”killer no filler”” and it make sense. 5/5″ DJ Kappa (Brighton, UK)
“Weird, but cool. I need to spend some time with it. 3/5” Rick Anderson (CD Hot List, USA)
“Digging the SertOne and Scrimshire mixes. Thanks! 3/5” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)
“Freshhhhh!!!! Like!” Electric Brother (Retroelectro Radio Show, Romania)
“This is amazing! Couldn’t come at a better time as I’m off on holiday tomorrow I can see this on my ipod sitting round the pool for most of the holiday. When I get back I go straight into the studio and play a two song selection based on holiday memories. Thank you. 4/5” Andy Sharp (No Pressure, Stomp Radio, UK)
“Some tasty remixes on offer here… Scrimshire and SertOne are the standouts for me! 4/5” Dave Fortune (My First Moth, UK)
“Great production!!!” DJ Missinred (Italy)
“Great release. Love the abstractism of the Paper Tiger Crew!” Mennert Jager (Rupert & Mennert, Netherlands)
“More awesome stuff from Paper Tiger…going to be tough to choose what to play on the show! 5/5” Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK)
“Definitely enjoying the Scrimshire and Sam Redmore remixes and plan to play tonight! Artwork is fire!” Jason Pulaski (Ubiquity, KUCI 88.9FM, USA)
“Particularly like the Werkha remix, such a great producer! 4/5” Sam Allen (Stellar Inflight Radio & Eastside 89.7FM, Sydney, Australia)
“Great artist and great remix package! Wah Wah is a name synonomous with quality and the freshest sounds of now. 4/5” DJ Toon (Eastside Radio, Sydney, Australia)
“LV! Great diversity of sound on here. Wrong Number and Make It Thought are dope.” Bevin Campbell (PBS FM/Blend Corp, Australia)
“Great rework of Paper Tiger’s lovely debut album. Love this thing! 4/5” Dobo Marzov (The 45 RPM Radio Show, Radio Varna, part of the National Radio of Bulgaria,Bulgaria)

“The dog’s wah wahs! 6000 plus listens of Make it Through here: 4/5” The True Jazzchild (Spain)
“Full support… 4/5” Phat Phil Cooper (NuNorthern Soul blog and podcast,Indonesia)
“Great remix selection! 4/5” Mark Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)
“Cool sound” Asian Hawk (DMC Champ, UK)
“Good for chill out!” Toshio Matsuura (Inter FM, Japan)
“What an interesting selection of tracks and styles – I need to give this a proper listen but sounding quality on 1st listen” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul, UK)
“Great, interesting stuff” Ashley Leiper (Music Concierge, UK)
“Everything I got from Wah Wah 45 is interesting to listen and play! 4/5” Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera (Irma /Gru Radio (TO) / Radio Fujiko (BO),Italy)
“Very good and exiting project! 4/5” Azaxx (Tru Thoughts, France)
“great! 4/5” Adam Tait (Shout4music, UK)
“Loving the ‘Grouphums Remix’ & ‘Murder He Wrote Remix’. 4/5” Diesler (Tru Thoughts / Freestyle / Here & Now / You Dig? UK)
“Sam Redmore mix sounds good. 4/5” Mike Bradshaw (TotallyRadio/Radio Reverb Brighton, UK)
“Another solid release for these fellas.” DJ Jimmy Mac (The Soul Purpose Radio Show, Australia)
“Nice remixes, great job again! 4/5” Iv√°n Mera (Higher Street radio show, Spain)
“Nice! 4/5” Hector Pizarro (Chile con Mix radio show, dj resident/Producer, France)

David Bassin (FreeFall Radio, KUSF, USA)

Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp Weekly, USA)

Toshio Matsuura (InterFM, Tokyo, Japan)

Dr. Best (Radio Z, Germany)

Jason Pulaski (Innamisions, KUCI 88.9FM, USA)

Mike Bradshaw (The Daily Show, Reverb 97.2FM /, Brighton, UK)

Markus Milz (Radio Corax, Germany)