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The fourth instalment of our Allo Love series sees our queen of dark, electronic soul, Lea Lea, step up to the plate to shed some light in to her mysterious musical world. As ever with this lady, there’s nothing predictable about her selection, whether it be the rasping, bluesy vocals and moody bass of ex-Belleruche vocalist Kathrin de Boer, the deconstructed ambient offerings of Japan’s Yosi Horikawa or the up-tempo dancehall beats of DJ Vadim, Lea Lea will always keep us guessing!

Echoes On

Add to that the laidback soulful delights of French producer iZem, the melancholic electronica of (another erstwhile Belleruche member) Keenya and Brownswood recording artist Anushka’s haunting apocalyptic club anthem Atom Bombs, and you’ve got something of an insight in to what makes Lea Lea tick.

We also gave our very own east ender free choice of the full Wah Wah 45s back catalogue, and she didn’t disappoint with choice cuts from Resonators, Paper Tiger, Hackney Colliery Band (remixed by Scrimshire) and The Gene Dudley Group, all of which say something about this young lady’s eclectic and rather fine musical taste. Oh, and her very own vocal prowess is also on display, both on her recent album highlight, One In Three, and collaboration with Hospital Records rising star Other Echoes on the sublime Run & Hide.


“Much to explore and enjoy…will be playing on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction and also on my Flomotion show for UK/JP/IBZ and BA flights! 4/5” Nick Luscombe (BBC Radio 3, Late Junction/Flomotion Worldwide, UK)

“An amazing forward-looking compilation from one of my favourite labels! 4/5” Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos, SKY HIGH, Double J. ABC Radio, Australia)

“Always good!” Toshio Matsuura (TOKYO MOON on InterFM,Japan)

“Huge fan! 4/5” Rick Anderson (CD HotList: New Releases for Libraries, USA)

“Top selections! Nice & varied, will make sure these get a fair few spins.” Bolts (Original Cultures/So Flute/Select & Connect, UK)

“Another instalment of great music. Lea Lea is a very special, one of a kind woman and I love everything she does. For sure this new Allo Love compilation will be great like the previous three.” DJ Easyagent (Radio Eurostar 101.7 FM, Croatia)

“Nice Selection! Especially the Yosi track obvs.” DJ Gilla (First Word Records, UK)

“Some great tunes here, good selection by Lea Lea! 5/5” Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK)

“Love it! So many fresh cuts but I think Paper Tiger’s Gundam Bling is the one to watch for… ILL 5/5″ Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, UK)

“Wonderful compilation… I love the Lea Lea track. 5/5″ Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic (Alooga & otticFM Radio”, Germany)

“Free your mind and play most of this incredible stuff!! 4/5” Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera(Gru Radio (TO) Radio Fujiko (BO), Italy) (Germany)

“This is smart music which I can use at various spots a lot. 4/5” Isao a.k.a. Lucas (Japan)

“OK so we have Rocky 4, Beverly Hills Cop 4, Jaws 4 etc, they’re all pretty rubbish, but not so with this album. Wah Wah 45s have delivered an album that defies the standard laws of media and Album physics. 5/5” DJ Kappa (Radio Reverb, Brighton, UK)

“Folly is not folly. 4/5″ Jon Freer” (Freer Sounds, Spain)

“Very nice !!! thanks. 4/5” Mathieu Schreyer (KCRW, USA)

“Wonderfully selected tracks taking me first on a journey through the mind and then through my soul. Especially the first track is a wonderful piece of music, great start. Love! 4/5″ Renegades Of Jazz (Agogo Records / Mojo Club”,Germany)

“Whoaaaaa! Where’d the Vadim track come from! Heavy!” DJ James Glendinning (UK)

“Great cuts! 4/5” Chris Ex (Musica-re blog / up’n’loud radio / soul magazine /, Germany)

“Excellent as ever! Will play HCB on Mi Soul on Thursday for sure. 5/5” Madera Verde (Mi Soul, SOAS Radio, SMS, Bedroom Bar, UK)

“Superb collection of tunes like in the previous releases of this compilation… Lea Lea made a good selection… Lovely. 4/5” Niksa Dragolin (Radio Eurostar 101.7 fm,Croatia)

“What an awesome, diverse compilation. Kathrin de Boer blowed me away, still in my mind. Perfect. Also Anushka made my day! Missed that kind of lovely taste of music compilations!” Matthias Desch (Bogaloo Radioshow, Austria)

“Always on top of eclecticism this comp oozes the love for music that I am used to from the WahWah HQ. Big up! 5/5” (We Are… / Strut / BBE / Solar / Monkey, Germany)

“As always a great combination of tracks. WahWah45 has convinced over the last years with there high quality output. So they can’t go wrong with their compilations! 4/5” Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club // >Out Of Spectrum< @ // >Freeform< @ NDR 90.3, Germany)

“One in Three :)” Bevin Campbell (PBS FM/Blend Corp, Australia)

“Packed full of some of my fave artists. Quality compilation. Well done! 4/5” Jeff Fellows aka Dj Strangefellow (Australia)

“Moody and lovely!5/5” David Bassin (FreeFall / KUSF, USA)

“Even more love from Wah Wah 45s! 4/5” Dobo Marzov (The “”45 RPM”” Radio Show, Radio Varna, part of the National Radio of Bulgaria, Bulgaria)

“Yeahman – Lea Lea bringin it – Choice selections and cheeky WANT versions of brilliant music. Lea Lea kills it as curator as one would expect. ” Pete Buckenham (Eclectic On The Corner,UK

“Another quality compilation, I’ll be sure to give it a spin on my show ‘The New Thing’ on Eastside 89.7FM. 4/5” Sam Allen (Stellar Inflight Radio & Eastside 89.7FM Presenter, Sydney, Australia)

“A fine selection from a fine label …Loving the Vadim cut …I will always support Wah Wah releasees !!! In the club and on the floor. 4/5”  DJ Toon (Eastside radio, funkdafied, Sydney Soul Weekender, Australia)

“15 years in the business shows in the class of this album. electronic beauty which will leave me with a hard choice in selecting what I play on my show.” Andy Sharp (No Pressure, Stomp Radio, UK)

“Fantastic overlook sampler again, reflecting Wah Wah 45’s versatility. 5/5” Robert Lochmann aka DJ Jazzmadass (Radio X Frankfurt, Germany)

“As always… great tracks and great selection! Thanks again! Will spin a lot of this stuff!” D-Felic (Netherlands)

“Her taste, and wah a flavour… 4/5” Iv√°n Mera (Higher Street radio show, Spain)

“Another Gem. Full radio support from us. 4/5” DJ Jimmy Mac (The Soul Purpose Radio Show, Australia)

“Nice!” Hector Pizarro (Chile con Mix Radio Show, France)

“Hard to believe we’ve reached volume 4 and happy as Larry that the quality is still top notch. Wicked comp. 5/5” Tom Lowe AKA King Tee (RTE Radio, Ireland)

“Nice one once again! Thanks Lea Lea and Wah Wah 45s! 4/5” Skevitz (Supagroovalistic, France)

“Fantastic track-selection, a great release! 5/5” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg, Germany)

“Again a great compilation. Your label just keeps on being great 🙂 4/5”  Menno (Rupert & Mennert, Netherlands)

“Great to heart new music from Kathrin de Boer – such a gorgeous voice. Loving the tracks on this edition especially Quiver, Atom Bombs, Behind Doors and Run and Hide. Will be playing them on the next few editions of the show BigUP !! 4/5″ Big Red (Kane FM, UK)

“Big fan of Allo Love! This one is great, many thanks. Will play out intensively!” Electric Brother (Retroelectro radio show, Romania)

“Dope as always” Asian Hawk (The Disablists, 5x DMC DJ champions, UK)

“This is the compilation for which I have been waiting anxiously. Because always new & fresh sound in new directions of music. The fourth compilation is great! I can’t highlight one or few tracks from compilation which I like. Every track is outstanding and all together they make beautiful compilation. Thank you! 5/5” DJ Monsta (Radio SWH, Show Sound Round, Latvia)

“Great selection.” Chris Read (BBE / Breakin’ Bread, UK)

“Loving Resonators & Anushka! 4/5” Diesler (Tru Thoughts / Freestyle / Here & Now / You Dig? UK)

“Like it a lot ! 4/5” Mark Milz (Further in Fusion, Radio Corax 95.9FM, Germany)

“More good stuff; some new, some not, but all Wah Wahs….nice! 4/5” Velanche Stewart (KCPR/Velanche’s Playtime, USA)

“Loving the Yosi Horikawa track…” Kier (The Monitors, UK)

“There are some wonderful tracks here. Izem, Kathrin de Boer.. just to name a few!!” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul radio show, UK)

“It’s a gem!F***ING GOOD SOUNDS! Give thanks!” DJ Sattamann (Real Roots, UK)

Nick Luscombe, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction / Flomotion show for UK/JP/IBZ and BA flights (UK)

Matthias Desch, Boogaloo Radio Show (Germany)

Velanche Stewart (KCPR/Velanche’s Playtime, USA)

King Tee (RTE Radio, Ireland)

Dave Bassin, Freefall Radio, KUSF (USA)

DJ Jimmy Mac (The Soul Purpose Radio Show, Australia)

DJ Ottic AKA Gerd (Alooga Media & OtticFM, Holland)

DJ Easyagent, Radio Eurostar 101.7 FM (Croatia)

Robert Lochmann, The Jazzmadass Radio Show (Radio X, Frankfurt, Germany)

Big Red (Kane FM, UK)

Sven Thomschke, Radio Z (Germany)

Andy Sharp (No Pressure, Stomp Radio, UK)